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Autumn...a time to reconnect....

1. I am writing out my fall goals and reflecting on them. I'm thinking about what steps I can take now
to get me closer to what I had hoped things would look like by now. Figuring out where exactly I am now and just where do I want to be? Have I grown much this year? what do I want the next three months to
look and feel like? {This is just not easy}


2.I have cleaned out my closet. I have spent some time sorting through my attic and my closets and shedding what I no longer wear or use. Most, I donated to charity but a few I swapped with my friends. {Feels like getting a new wardrobe} this process is cleansing to me and  it opens up space for a few new seasonal must-haves. {I still need winter boots for walking Buddy}


 3.I'm hosting a girls night in. I'm inviting just a few gals over for a modern day girls sleepover.
Complete with , my favorite bubbly beverages, appetizers of all kinds 
{Here is where I will go overboard I'm sure}aromatherapy oils, an organic oatmeal facial scrub, 
tons of OPI nail polishes for mani's/pedi's and heaps of chamomile tea. And a new yoga mat for each of us {my gift to them for coming over} and a really good girlie movie
{though I can't decide which one yet}

4. I am challenging myself to study a foreign language, one that I used to know very well ~
and that I let slip by me and forget. Happily, as I work at it, more and more seems familiar
and is coming back, making it much easier for me to really learn this well.
{Next, a trip to Germany}


 5.I'm getting better organized. I've cleaned out my desk , sorted through my kitchen cabinets,
organized my paperwork into files, and put all my accessories into labeled drawers.
I have even organized a whole room just for crafting ~ a private place to think and create.
I really do believe that clearing the clutter frees my mind and opens up space for renewed creativity.


 6. I'm giving myself some quiet time. I must set aside some quality private time to replenish myself.
When I write in my journal, take long walks, browse through a bookstore, do some afternoon baking, sip some delicious tea, garden, or do some soothing yoga that is what gets me through another busy week.


 7. I will get serious about yoga and exercise and "schedule" time for it weekly.  Even if I begin
the day slowly, like with an early morning sun salutation, and a few relaxing poses before bed, I will try to fit some yoga into each day ~ no matter how much time I have.


 8. I try to surround myself with beauty. The pictures that I choose, homemade crafts made just for me candles whose very scent takes me to another place, beautiful plants, soft, inspiring  music all adds up to a peaceful, and restful place where I can always find solace.

How do you reconnect in the Fall?


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