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Happy Halloween!


Don't forget to;


Halloween Fun!

You just never know what can happen on a day like today....look what
happened to me when I started sweeping my kitchen floor!


off I went! Nice ride though! 


(John Carleton)
I was going to push him, but, what if he fell off and busted open?
I had to say no....


Credits: manekochan (on deviantART)
of course, he walked right out in front of me...

The pumpkins are all so beautiful...

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my youngest grand-daughter went trick-or-treating last night!

 at age 5, she has this system down really good!

she knows exactly what direction she wishes to go...

and here are her accomplices in all of this! Her mother, and her Aunt!
She did learn from the best!

oh and my son, her father, don't forget him in all of this...
he will want half of the loot! I heard they have enough
candy to last until always.....!

Can't wait until they show up at my door tonight!

I made a little kiddy cocktail for her....


she will need her energy
for a second night of trick-or-treating!

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