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My Happy Tree....

Baby toes,
polka dots, yellow,
tree tunnels, fresh flowers,
skinny dipping, covered bridges,
listening to the sound of the gentle rain
toe rings and ankle bracelets, a cool breeze,
falling asleep outdoors with the sun on my face 
spontaneous dance parties with me, myself and I,
taking a day off to do anything I want, or, nothing at all,
climbing into a bed made up with newly washed fresh sheets,
moments I realize there is no where I want to be but where I am now,
postcards mailed around the world and filled all over with foreign stamps,
the smell and the feel of old books as I browse the shelves of an old bookstore,
listening to my grandchildren as they run, jump and play and make each other laugh,
passport, travel documents, and a neatly packed back ready to head out the door anytime,
discovering a beautiful thing in an unexpected place in an unexpected place at an unexpected moment,
pancake Sundays,
organizing things,
kind smiles,

Yes, today is a strange day. I'm slightly worried. I am having my tiny little dog Buddy
"fixed" today. And I am worried about how things will go. He is so little. Almost 8
months old now. But, he doesn't even weigh in at 5 lbs. I'm sure everything will be
alright. I just keep telling myself that over and over, and, as you can see, I am trying
to fill my head with happier thoughts. Especially for his sake. He knows something is
going on because I haven't fed him this morning. Nothing past 9pm last night. But,
I'm keeping the mood light so that he doesn't worry. He will start that when I put
him in his kennel and we drive off. He was not too happy a couple days ago when
I put him in his kennel and took him for his salon appointment. No. He was so mad
at me. Wouldn't look at me the rest of the whole day Tuesday. Now, this. I wonder
how long he will be upset about this? More that just a day I can assure you.


The cat could care less. He is looking forward to a peaceful day.

Well, time to go. Wish us luck.



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