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Relaxing travel tips....

My biggest dilemma, after changing my voice mail, confirming my reservations, and getting someone to watch the dog, is always what to pack? Of course, it does matter where to and for how long, but for these short trips I really must keep some things ready at a moments notice to grab and go, make a list to run through, and even keep some things together just for this... well, in order to put more rest and recoup time into my trip, I will share with you some of my favorite relaxing tips to help create a beautiful space no matter where you may find yourself, or where your plans take you.....

Little treats for your suitcase:

A Yoga mat: nothing is worse than slipping on hotel carpet and getting rug burn on your knees. Ouch!
Scented candles: Yankee candle has my favorite Autumn aromas right now,
but any candle will do, lavender is a always a good soothing choice.
Rosebud salve: reduces my curl  frizzes, soothes my lips, relieves  my dry skin, and smells divine.

Tea bags: bring some of your favorite herbal blends to relax you anytime.
Bath treats: I love good-smelling oils and bubbles...fill that tub to the brim!
Favorite pair of jeans: always make me feel comfortable especially while sight-seeing
Shoes: slip on's, boots, and tennis shoes: Slip on's are great for touring, tennis shoes for wandering the hiking trails, and high-heeled boots to wear under jeans or skirts to dress up your appearance anytime.

Swimsuit: don’t ever forget this-I'm always sorry if I forget to bring my suit.
Journal & a pen to record your thoughts: should go without saying you will want to record your day ~
of course feel free to bring colored pencils, paints, whatever you need to feel creative and relaxed.

Comfortable clothing: I find this good when traveling long distances and/or flying.
A little black dress: never hurts, and you can dress it up or wear your slip on's and a denim jacket for a more casual fun look - lots of ways to mix and match just a few simple things.
Accessories: This is going to be anything you think will brighten your wardrobe, look good with many
mixed outfits, you could go crazy could buy local where you go to add flair and have a little keepsake of your trip as well. I like to buy scarves and such when I go, then, when I wear them again later at home or to work, I have pleasant memories occur to me often during the day of my trip!
Reading material: Bring at least 1 good book. You never know if you will have that golden opportunity to take some time and read in a marvelous surrounding!
Ipod: I load it up with tons of small playlists to choose from! Make it fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Believe me, these little extras thrown in, can really make a big difference when you make 
little jaunts here and there at a moments notice. Hope it helps!

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