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Sometimes, it's the little things....

More of my ramblings and deep inner thoughts today folks, sorry, I've been thinking, of course, but,
it just seems that so many little things race through my head all the time, every day, and, I sometimes
wonder, maybe it is all the little things that I notice that make everything worth while. I'm not sure.
So, I simply thought about it some more, and I imagined all the little things that I you?


A complete stranger who gives you their biggest smile, a hug, that lasts just a little longer than usual, the moment the rain stops, a beautiful sunset, the sound of the ocean, a surprise found, a familiar smell, the touch of a hand, laughing at myself, the eyes of a child, sensing the change of the season, the sound of cicadas, my breath on a cold morning, the sound of silence, waking from an amazing dream, walking outside in the dead of night, the wear of everydayness, slowly untangling threads of ideas racing in my head, feeling completely spent, chaotic and lovely days with everyone together, an inspired gift, beautiful words from one you love, my house smelling fantastic, birthday highs, the scent of fresh pine, my sexy voice {I hope I have it forever}, the smell of lavender, being deliciously exhausted yet strangely energized, missing the part of me I simply can't give up, loving the fantastically quirky things in life, lovely skin and endless softness, feeling free spirited and optimistic, a little broken maybe, swirling my skirt, hanging on to life by a thread, impromptu visits from loved ones, birthday dinners,  being strangely comforted, guessing the magic number, wandering through fragrant gardens, finding time to play, blowing bubbles, whispered desires, being outrageous and seductive which can only be defined as exhilarating, to take on unfamiliar roles, expose facets that are rarely seen, feeling an initial attraction, transforming myself to fit each new situation, getting really off track, polka dots,
the rhyming of words, the smell of art supplies, trying to avoid the feeling of being raw and exposed, and oh so very vulnerable, I've an appetite to create, vibrant not-to-be-believed colors, terrifying climbs, thirsty for new landscapes and unfamiliar places, always ready to wander, make myself invisible when necessary, the snap of my own fingers, maybe some glitter?, dancing in my head, collecting seashells,  any randomness, moved by the simplest hand gesture, the magic of water, swimming underwater - float in it, facing up to a turquoise sky, turning the TV off, beautiful oddball art, mosaic-covered walls, words that are a delight to pronounce, hours where nothing is required of me, names and dates reveal themselves, unlocking a mystery,
the best laugh ever, the voice of reason coming through loud and clear, the force being with me, exasperated sighs, the exact change to pay for something, the goodness of chocolate, learning about all the idiosyncrasies that exist out there, the promise of a road trip, creating elaborate worlds within my mind, all sorts of things precariously balanced, an item I have placed carefully and intentionally, so many little adventures, wonderfully descriptive sentences, words that flow effortlessly, moments of alone time, little acts of kindness, every moment seeming so full, being amazing together, sparkling eyes and infectious smiles, uncovering  adorably cute but humiliating things about myself, being rendered completely speechless, love overflowing,
clouds so big you could eat them, mentally rearranging my book shelves, first in order of subject, then in order of color, compiling mental lists, nary the thoughtponder the little things, if life were a soundtrack ~ what would mine sound like?

I will have to ponder on that one a little more. For now, I am finished thinking  
about all the little things that that flit through my mind {not every one of them everyday, but, several} 
and, it is, I swear, these little things that keep me going, maybe keep up all going through life, 
one day at a time.

What do you think of these little things?


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