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Winter, so full of cold,  crispy snow, blustering wind, dark, early nights, wet streets, and shivers… but so much beauty. Crackling fires, frost sparkled windows, dark leaden skies, I love the clothes of winter, the flannels,  coats, jackets, sweaters, gloves, scarves, boots, vests, hats, and earmuffs, being bundled in warm sweaters, steaming coffee, crisp morning walks, a few last golden leaves falling, festive holiday parties, long  hugs, magically colored lights, and sparkling white snow…I love the cold, and the quietness~ the winter nights so peaceful, and walking down streets covered in lights that twinkle through the snowflakes like millions of stars~breathtaking. Winter brings with it so many of it's own charms - and many enjoyments too!

 Here is an ongoing list of all the things I would love to do this winter, think of it as a Winter Bucket List for all of us to enjoy. I know there is tons here, but that's ok, I will just look at this list for inspiration, and do what I can...after all, there is always next year too! {smile}

Get cozy in front of a fire with a warm blanket and great book, Watch Winter Sunrises,  Awaken your inner child and go sledding! Get messy in the kitchen: have fun baking and decorating different types of cookies. Then, host a cookie exchange! , Put on your skates and have a blast at an outdoor pond {no frozen outdoor pond? – go to an indoor rink}. Try a new creative project (ex. winter themed crafts). Make a Christmas movie list for every day in December!, Join a book club or create your own.  Organize and finally frame some of those photos you love. Scope out new music on Pandora. Go window shopping online. Challenge yourself to take action on a lingering to-do item – enjoy the bliss that accompanies checking it off of your list!  Visit Anthropologie- The images can lift your spirits on the bleakest of days! Fill an over sized mug with hot chocolate and yummy marshmallows. You can even add rainbow sprinkles for a splash of color! Spruce up a little area of your home – add a new color, a painting, a beautiful candle – let your imagination run wild. Take a day trip to a local museum or gallery. Play in the snow. Did I hear snowball fight? Try different soups. With hundreds of types, go crazy! Plan a spa day by yourself or with a group of friends. Volunteer at your local library. Extra special: read a story with (or to) a child. Take an online workshop – extra bonus: no cold weather and you can meet new friends (your fellow e-classmates). Do some soul searching with a life coach. Life coaches keep you on your toes and help you achieve what your heart desires. Donate clothing. A lighter closet means more room for 2013 finds! Swap books with a friend.  Appreciate the crispness of the winter air. Allow yourself to simply… breathe. Try your hand at making handmade jewelry. Try some the classics – great poetry, timeless music. Spend some time journaling or doodling — reflect during the winter quiet. Host a game night! Board games and family/friends yield a fun night of bonding. Show someone you appreciate them. A small note via snail-mail or even a simple email. Use your computer to chat with friends virtually. Check out seed catalogs for some Spring inspiration! Create a winter bucket list of at least 10 ways you can enjoy the winter days.  Make a commitment to do at least one thing per day that adds joy to your life – even during the winter days. Have a nerf gun war, visit an indoor climbing wall and have at it, try indoor archery-or a shooting range, Try bowling it can be quite fun with a group of friends, go to a Dinner Theater,  
Go swimming, try zumba or take up belly dancing, Visit your local animal rescue center and play with and walk the animals, Go see your county extension agent they have tons of classes going on all the time, camp out in the living room-even picnic!, play board games, Go to your local craft store for classes and creative ideas,  visit a video arcade, Feed the birds-make a diy bird feeder, learn to make candles,Sculpt with old books, Write a letter to someone using only letters cut from newspapers and magazines, compile a list of 100 random things about yourself, Brighten someone's day! Leave inspirational notes between the pages of library books, try soap making, Make a winter journal, Paper mache!, Tint sand with food color (or powdered paint) and create sand art in jars, or even make sand pictures, Microwave old cd's then make a mobile, Go on an alphabet walk. Pick a letter of the alphabet and find as many things as you can that begin with that letter. Or, try to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.Take photos of the letters you see. Or, snap pictures of things that look like letters of the alphabet, Make paper, Take a virtual tour of the White House, Learn the art of Calligraphy,  Invent your own board game-use pieces from old games you don't play anymore,  Check out what free activities are offered at your public library, learn to create fake tattoos, make homemade ice cream {peppermint?}, Write a Haiku,  Organize a traveling meal with your friends (works best if you all live close together). Go to House #1 for appetizers, House #2 for salad, House #3 for soup, House #4 for the main course, and House #5 for dessert, Ski on your Wii, List your ten favorite Christmas carols in your journal, Go on a winter hike with friends, Try snow painting, Go ice skating,Knit a scarf, Build a snowman, make your own hot chocolate mix, Write a poem about winter in your journal, Have a movie marathon, Buy a Holiday jigsaw puzzle for all to work on, then, frame it for next year!, Go sledding,  make a cinnamon ornament, go skiing, Make origami ornaments, Try geocaching, build a snow fort,  List your ten favorite Christmas television specials in your journal Sketch a winter scene, Decorate your bedroom door for the Holidays, Make your own advent calendar, Join a book club, make a snow angel,Take a walk while it’s snowing and peaceful, Take up Yoga, Have a snowball fight!, See this years new Christmas movie, Go snow tubing, Take your dog/pet for a mile-long walk, Decorate your social networking page with a holiday or winter theme, Clean out and organize your junk drawer, Read a Christmas novel, Go to an Imax Christmas movie,  Create a family newsletter to send to your whole family. List ten thing you like about winter in your journal, make/send holiday cards to your friends, Go Christmas caroling, Re-arrange your bedroom and decorate it for the season, Get a new haircut or style, Go cross country skiing, Make a snow painting with squirt bottles, water, food coloring and a yard full of snow.Get started on those New Years resolutions!, Volunteer at your community food pantry, soup kitchen or church, Organize your closet: Bring out your cold weather clothes and store your warm weather clothes donate what you no longer need/fit into, Try snowshoeing, Make a video to your favorite song, Go for a Sleigh-ride, make a fire and roast marshmallows, Draw a neighborhood map complete with trees-everything, Roast some Chestnuts, Build a snowman, Go for a walk and spend the time taking winter photos, Plan out next years garden, force bulbs for Christmas, Have a winter picnic, drive around and look at Christmas lights, make Colored "glass" - Fill balloons with water and food coloring, freeze, break balloon. Great for a snowy day!, Paint rocks to hide all over, Host a movie night, DIY mani/pedi, Make peppermint bark, Cut your own Christmas Tree, Go rollerskating, Make a gingerbread house,

Write a letter to Santa, take cookies to your local police/fire station to show how much you appreciate all that they do, Make a Christmas/Winter wreath for your door, Have your picture taken with Santa Claus, Attend a Christmas pageant, make homemade stockings, paint my own ceramics of the nativity, make a pomander, visit the festival of trees, see the holiday pops concert, make an ice wreath, Celebrate winter solstice, hang mistletoe, Create a Christmas countdown, Ride a Christmas train, Your pets cannot escape the holiday magic. Dress up your family pet(s) in Christmas attire, hang lights everywhere,make eggnog, Be a Secret Santa for someone in need,

 Have so much fun!

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