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I'm trying very hard to be an adult about it. But, I'm really very upset. I can't find my favorite necklace.
I can't remember exactly the last time I wore it for sure, but, I have some pictures of me wearing it just
a couple months ago. I have looked EVERYWHERE. I wanted to wear it with this outfit that I am
wearing tomorrow to a concert. But no. It's gone. I do have a lovely string of pearls that I could wear, and,
it looks as though I will be, but that is not the point. I have a place for everything and everything has it's
place. So, it begs the question, where did this necklace go? Or, did somebody borrow it, and just not
tell me? This is the more probable answer. Next question would be; daughter, or granddaughter?
Well, you can be sure I will get to the bottom of this. But in the meantime, looks like I'm going to
be attending this party and concert in diamonds and pearls. Not a bad fit, just not what I had in mind. 
It's certainly not the end of the world as we know it, just a small disappointment. Sigh. An avoidable 
disappointment.Have a wonderful weekend, the holiday parties have begun in full swing now-enjoy!

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