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Plan a Christmas crafting party! Updated!

A crafting party can be a great idea for the holidays. It is a relaxed and casual way to get everyone together
to do something creative. And have tons of fun while doing it. After all, nothing kicks off the holidays better than great company, a glass of mulled wine and the chance to whip up a batch of fabulous homemade presents. Turn up the music and let the (reindeer) games begin!

First, select a date early in the season before people get booked up. You'll want to set it up as an all-day drop in event so that your guests can drop in on their way to or coming back from other holiday functions.

Next, decide what crafts your going to do. You will want a variety. Consider also if children will be coming as well and set up some tables for just children s crafts as well. 

Get all the supplies you will be needing. I pretty much collect the basics all year round to have on hand, then once I picked the craft we are doing, I purchase the other items I may need.

Make sure you set up a separate station for each project. And, have a person there to demonstrate how to do the craft project.

First, is a paper wreath. I got it from THIS SITE. Isn't this wonderful? A craft like this for like $2? 
I  know I can have fun with this! 

Librarians, Please Avert Your Eyes 


How about I show you how to make my version of the same wreath for just $2?
 Librarians and book lovers, please avert your eyes.

  • 10″ foam wreath ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Paperback novel 
  • {$1 at Dollar Tree – depending on the book, you may need two}
  • Brown and/or gray craft paint
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Small strip of ribbon
  • A few paper towels
  • A few straight pins {optional}
1. Assemble your cast of characters. I felt slightly guilty about purchasing an
author’s work from the Dollar Tree for the sole purpose of ripping up.
I read a few pages of Loving Charity just to make sure I wasn’t about
to destroy a literary classic; let me assure you that I wasn’t.
You could definitely use vintage books, magazines or sheet music for this project
or even select a book off of your own bookshelf that you don’t think you’ll read again.

2. Using the paper towels, I applied the brown paint to the edges of the book.
I simply squirted some paint onto the towel and wiped it on the book.
I painted the brown first and then applied a bit of gray. This will give your book
pages a vintage look. To be honest, two colors aren’t completely necessary,
so you can use just gray or just brown if you would like.

Lay the book on a clean paper towel for about 5 or 10 minutes to let the paint dry.
3. Cut or tear a page out of the book and roll it in a method of your choosing.
I put together a video tutorial to show you some different ways to roll the page
if you are interested in seeing how I did it. The main thing to remember is that you
want to roll the paper and not actually fold or crease it.
4. After rolling the page, apply some glue at the end of the roll and glue it to the wreath.
Make sure that the painted edges are facing up.

You will do this layer all the way around the wreath. When you have finished the full circle,
flip the wreath over. That layer will become the bottom. If it won’t lay flat, put something
heavy on top of it to flatten it out for a few minutes.

5. Continue rolling pages for your wreath. You will now fold a little tab on the bottom
edge and apply glue only to that tab. Work your way from the bottom of the wreath
up to the top, finishing one layer before moving to the next.

6. Once you get to the inside of the wreath, roll the paper and apply glue to the edge
much like you did with the bottom layer. When you glue it on, the pages
will be shorter than the wreath of the wreath. That’s okay.

7. At this point, your wreath will be mostly done, but there will be some sections
you need to fill in. It should look roughly like this.

To fill in your spaces, you’ll simply roll a page, apply glue to the ends, and just
stick it in the wreath. The filler pages don’t necessarily need to touch the Styrofoam
wreath; they can stick to the pages already glued to the wreath if need be. Use the
 filler pages to fill in holes and add some height and visual interest to your wreath.


8. After I was finished filling in, I flip your wreath over and glue your scrap of ribbon
on the back to serve as a hanger. I stuck a few straight pins in it to make sure it held
 tight to the wreath, but that’s purely optional if you glue it on well. 

All that’s left to do now is to find a spot to hang your new creation!


I did find an example of this instead of rolling the paper, folding it accordion...

just another way of doing the same thing, I think whichever you prefer actually.

Vintage ornament Wreaths!

Next up, look at these other gorgeous wreaths!
Just made from extra ornaments!

70s ornament wreath
Check out these other fab creations.  And  you,  too, can make ones just like these
to impress all your friends and neighbors. And  think of how much fun you’ll have
going to flea markets, antique shows and garage sales all year long, looking
for all the adorable  vintage ornaments you’ll need to make your own
 holiday masterpiece. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it!

More Vintage Ornament Wreaths
1.Start with extruded foam wreath base and wrap in
tinsel-tone garland securing with hot glue.

2 . It's important to add a wire loop here before preceding.

3. Glue larger ornaments around the outer rim of wreath form.

4. Lay flat and then fill in with smaller ornaments.

5. I like to mix up ornaments with kitschy little things.

6. Important to use HIGH TEMP hot glue.

Here’s what the back of a wreath looks like so you get an
 idea of how the tinsel garland is wrapped.

reverse side ornament wreath

Lastly, a Christmas Tree centerpiece. My Aunt had one she had made just years ago. 
She took all her broken or damaged jewelry, plus, she used to pick up tons of baubles 
at garage sales, and then she would buy one of those green Styrofoam cones and take 
a glue gun and glue all the pieces every which way, but then she would spray paint it gold. 
The example I found online they just glued on but did not spay paint, they just left it natural 
-whatever you prefer I think.


Another idea for the same tree but only in a picture frame instead hanging on the wall;

Grandma's Jewelry Tree

1. Cut out a tree form from cardboard.
2. Paint the tree using acrylic paint, then cover the wet paint
with clear glitter. Let the paint dry.
Shake off the excess glitter.
3. Heat up a hot glue gun for five minutes.
4. Squeeze a dollop of hot glue onto the back of a piece of
costume jewelry, and press the glued side onto the tree.
Let the glue cool.
5. Repeat this process to cover the entire tree with
costume jewelry.

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree 

The possibilities are endless really.


Well, I hope this gives you a few ideas that you can do in your
creativity time!Play festive music or movies to set the mood, but make
sure to keep it low enough to encourage and not hamper conversation.
I will usually make a Christmas CD forall my friends for the holidays.
New and different music they may not have heard of before.
I will share the playlist with you as well. Also, I am on the hunt for
 winter music too!
I will share all of that with you soon.

Next up of course, what to feed all the people who come over to
craft with you? Easy. Set up food bars. Or, several food bars.
Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what would be
perfect for you and your friends.

Maybe a baked potato bar? And, of course, the extras can
be anything you want - this is just for ideas only!

Next up, maybe a fun station of Smores? 
This is really good if there are going to be families with children too!

Ever tried making homemade marshmallows?

as you can see, it can be as easy or as glamorous as you want to make it!

Next, what about a Root beer float bar?  Isn't this a neat idea?

or, you could have a Hot chocolate bar....

then, there is the famous cupcake bar....yummy!


Or, if it's in the morning...consider a Breakfast bar!

 Another healthy option; a Trail mix bar station

if your close to dinner, maybe a pasta bar?

 This is really making me hungry now...
16 party food stations

 One of my personal favorites....the Nacho bar! 

and last, a healthier alternative and good all around snack...a Yogurt Bar!

ok, I have given you tons of ideas...your turn to make it all happen! Have fun!


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