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In today's world technology is everything. Facebook, Blogger, e-mail, Twitter and instant messaging are now our main forms of how we communicate with one another. In fact, it's hard to imagine what we would do without them isn't it? Letter writing and getting real personal mail delivered to your door actually seems like a thing of the past, but, quite honestly, there are times I really miss getting real mail. So, you can imagine my surprise to discover that there are actually still people out there who {like me} actually write letters. Yes, with real ink and on real paper! Not long ago I stumbled upon a great website called Postcrossing and it's dedicated to the simple art of mailing postcards. After making sure there were no real security concerns, I jumped right in! I find the system put in place to be safe enough to fit into my own personal comfort zone easily. The common language is English, but besides that there are very few requirements. You cannot get another users address from their profile. The only time you can view a mailing address is when you are ready to send a card. The system will then generate a random recipient for you and display the address. You do no have to put your return address on the postcard either. The user profile section on the site will keep track of the countries you have received and sent cards too. There's even a place to add scans or photos of the postcards to be added to your own personal postcard wall! I just now sent my first two postcards and I am so excited because every postcard I receive will be a little peek into the life of the senders home country or town. It is a fun way to learn more about the world we live in and the places we may never get to visit. I am now looking forward to seeing the mailman again!

So is snail mail really dead? To that I say Hell no, try it, it's really fun!

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