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 "I want to do creative things, but I don't have time."

Well, guess what? You don't have time to NOT be creative. Creativity is all around us, 
and believe it or not You CAN fit it in. You can live a creative life as much or as little 
as you want to. No one is stopping you but yourself. Being creative has so many benefits - 
physically, mentally, and emotionally that you don't have time NOT to do it!
Here are some suggestions for fitting in creativity even with a hectic schedule.

1.) Take pictures with your cell phone when you don't have your camera with you. 
What to take pictures of? Well, nothing is off limits here, it's all about how you think. 
When you think of life as a creative experience, everything ordinary becomes interesting all of the sudden! Try it, you'll see. I never worry about taking a bad photo-
I can just erase it, but it is funny how in the right light, even a string of lights can be gorgeous.

The sunlight-the moonlight- many things can help you see regular things in a whole new way. 
And, on that note, you can do a picture a day with your cellphone. It's called 365 photo project. 
There are many 365 photo projects online, as well as flickr groups where you can share these. 
It's fun to do a mosaic or collage of the month's events as well.

2. Always have something to read in the car. I always carry a great book and a couple of 
magazines in the car for some quick inspiration. My favorites are Martha Stewart and 
Whole Living, and many others to be sure. There are so many placed to get inspiration from.

3. Go outside. Walk around the block. Look at the clouds, at the trees, look at things you don't normally notice. A really great book to get started with for those of you that would like to learn how to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is, "How to be an Explorer of the World"
by Keri Smith Of course, you know that not long ago I finished her book "Living out loud" -which is another great book to get your creativity going-believe me-she offers many ideas in that book.

4. Keep a little sketch book and pencils in your purse/car, etc. You never know when you'll 
have a moment to sketch. I love sketching! It a really good way to slow down, relax and 
take a good look at all that is around you.

Want more ideas to get you started?  Head to this site called 52 projects there are actually 52 wonderful projects for you to do! Or, you can check in here; Creative every day. I think the name actually says it all don't you?

Well, so those are a few things you can do today! Remember, you don't have time to NOT be creative. Every day is a new opportunity to nurture your creative self. Have fun and enjoy!

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