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Winter songs.....a collection.....

What are your favorite winter songs? Isn't it time to listen to some new stuff? 
I am always looking for new and interesting music, and by new ~ 
I mean new to me.  

It could be 30 years old, but if I just found it - its new. Understand? 
Now, when I say winter, I am not talking about Christmas songs. 
No, that is separate ~ and I love Christmas songs too, but I'm talking about
everyday winter songs. Anyway, after hours of looking, I have found my line up....
maybe you will enjoy some of these too! 

Trust me when I tell you that some of these you may not even like. 
But keep an open mind and listen. 
You never know what may spark your fancy!

Accept {Winter Dreams} 1983 LISTEN HERE
AFI – {Love Like Winter} LISTEN HERE
A-HA {Angel in the Snow}1993 LISTEN HERE
A-Ha {Cold as stone} LISTEN HERE 
Animal Collective {Winter's Love} 2004 LISTEN HERE
Annie Lennox  {Cold} LISTEN HERE
Apathy {The winter} LISTEN HERE 
Aril Brikha {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Aromabar {Winter Pagent} LISTEN HERE 
Audrey Assad with Rick Tomlin {Winter snow song} LISTEN HERE 
Audrey Hannah {It's December} LISTEN HERE 
Aztec Camera {Walk out to winter} 1983 LISTEN HERE
Badlands {Winters Call} LISTEN HERE
Bangles {The} {Hazy Shade of Winter} 1987 LISTEN HERE

Barenaked Ladies {Snowman} LISTEN HERE

Bayside {Winter} LISTEN HERE 
b-complex {winter} LISTEN HERE
Black Sabbath {Snowblind} LISTEN HERE 
Bluetech  {Leaving winter behind} LISTEN HERE
Blutengel {Frozen Heart} LISTEN HERE
Bob Dylan {Winterlude} LISTEN HERE  
Breaking Benjamin {So Cold} LISTEN HERE
Broadcast {Winter now} LISTEN HERE

Bruce Springsteen {Tenth Avenue Freeze Out} Listen HERE

Bush {The sound of winter} LISTEN HERE
Caesars {The} {The winter song} 2005 LISTEN HERE
Camouflage {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Celldweller {Frozen} LISTEN HERE
Chris Deburgh {When winter comes by} LISTEN HERE
Chris Rea {Winter song} LISTEN HERE
Clan of Xymox {Cold damp day} LISTEN HERE 
Club 8 {Love in December} LISTEN HERE
Collective Soul {December} LISTEN HERE 
Coral {The}{Walking in the Winter} 2010 LISTEN HERE 
Counting Crows {A long December} LISTEN HERE
Crossfade {Cold} LISTEN HERE
Cruxshadows {The} {Winterborn} LISTEN HERE 
Cry of love {Too cold in the winter} LISTEN HERE
Cure {The} {Winter} 1979 LISTEN HERE
David Garrett {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Decemberists {The} {January Snow} 2011 LISTEN HERE
Delain {Frozen} LISTEN HERE
Demi Lavato {Remember December} LISTEN HERE
Donna Summer {Winter Melody} LISTEN HERE
Doors {The} {Wintertime Love} 1968 LISTEN HERE
Drake {Come winter} LISTEN HERE
Dream Academy {Life in a northern town} 1985 LISTEN HERE 
Elegant Machinery {Cold as ice} LISTEN HERE

Elvis Costello {I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came} LISTEN HERE

Engelbert Humperdinck {winter world of love} LISTEN HERE
Enya {And winter came} LISTEN HERE
Eternal tears of sorrow {The river flows frozen} LISTEN HERE 
Fairways {The} {winter song} LISTEN HERE
Fleet Foxes {White Winter Hymnal} LISTEN HERE  
FM {Frozen Heart} 1987 LISTEN HERE

Foreigner {Cold as Ice} Listen HERE

Forest stream {The crown of winter} LISTEN HERE
Frank Zappa {Don't eat the yellow snow} 1974 LISTEN HERE
Gabriella Cilmi {Warm this winter} LISTEN HERE 

Genesis {Snowbound} LISTEN HERE

Gil Scott-Heron {Winter in America} 1974 LISTEN HERE  
Glay {Winter again} 1999 LISTEN HERE 
Grand Funk {Winter and my soul} LISTEN HERE
Gregorian {Frozen} LISTEN HERE
Gwen Stefani {Early Winter} 2007 LISTEN HERE  
Gordon Lightfoot {Songs for a winter's night} LISTEN HERE
Grateful Dead {Cold Rain and snow} 1967 LISTEN HERE 
Hank Williams {Cold, cold heart} 1951 LISTEN HERE 
Hurt {Cold Inside} LISTEN HERE
Jake Davis {Winter love song} LISTEN HERE
Janis Ian {In the winter} LISTEN HERE
Joshua Radin {Winter} 2006 LISTEN HERE  
Keane {Early Winter} LISTEN HERE 
Lady Antebellum {On this winters night} LISTEN HERE  
Lettermen {The} {Our winter love} LISTEN HERE
Lincoln Park {My December} LISTEN HERE 
Lindisfarne {Winter song} LISTEN HERE
Low {Last snowstorm of the year} 2002 LISTEN HERE
Madonna {Frozen} LISTEN HERE 
Matt Corby {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Mazzy Star {Flowers in December} LISTEN HERE
Michael Buble {Cold December night} LISTEN HERE
Midnight Oil {Cold Cold Change} LISTEN HERE 
Moody Blues {December Snow} LISTEN HERE 
Mountain {Nantucket Sleigh Ride} 1971 LISTEN HERE
MGMT {Siberian Breaks} 2010 LISTEN HERE
Mumford and Sons {Winter Winds} LISTEN HERE
Neil Young {Winterlong} 1977 LISTEN HERE 
Nick Cave {15 feet of pure white snow} 2001 LISTEN HERE 
Nick Drake {Northern Sky} 1970 LISTEN HERE
Owl City { Peppermint Winter} LISTEN HERE
Parachute {Winter love} LISTEN HERE

Pat Benatar {Fire and Ice} LISTEN HERE

Paul Oakenfold {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Pelican {The last day of winter} LISTEN HERE
Pride and Fall {December} LISTEN HERE
Project Pitchfork {December sadness} LISTEN HERE 
Qntal {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Queen {A winters tale} 1995 LISTEN HERE
Red Hot Chili Peppers {Snow} 2006 LISTEN HERE
Rolling Stones {Winter} LISTEN HERE
Ronan Keating {Winter Song} 2009 LISTEN HERE
Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson { Winter Song} LISTEN HERE 
Sarah McLachlan {Songs for a Winters Night} 1996 LISTEN HERE
Screaming Trees {Winter Song} LISTEN HERE

Simon and Garfunkel {Hazy Shade of Winter} Listen Here

Steve Miller Band {Wintertime} 1977 LISTEN HERE
Stratovarius {Before The Winter} LISTEN HERE 
Sufjan Stevens {sister winter} LISTEN HERE
System Syn {Winter Current} LISTEN HERE
Taylor Swift {Cold as you} LISTEN HERE 
Taylor Swift {December} LISTEN HERE 
Tea Party {Winter Solstice} A great instrumental LISTEN HERE 
The Main Drag {Jagged Gorgeous Winter} LISTEN HERE  
Tony Bennett {Cold, cold heart} LISTEN HERE
Tori Amos {Winter} 1991 LISTEN HERE
U2 {Winter } LISTEN HERE  
Vast {Winter in my heart} LISTEN HERE 
Wings {Winter Rose/Love Awake} 1979 LISTEN HERE
White stripes {Cold, cold night} LISTEN HERE
Within Temptation {Frozen} LISTEN HERE
Wumpscut  {Die in winter} LISTEN HERE
Xtc {Always winter, never Christmas} 1992 LISTEN HERE

XTC  {Snowman} Listen HERE

Yoko Ono {Listen, the snow is falling} LISTEN HERE

   I'll add more as I find them, but, this is a darn good start wouldn't you say?
**Blue denotes new additions this year 2013!


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