Many more favorites.....

the silence and peacefulness of the darkness, lovely smelling candles, drunken mushrooms, dress up tea parties, the smell when someone first lights a match, lively aquariums, the sound of laughter, a dark night with stars filling the entire sky, lily of the valley, dancing with only myself,  fairy tales, baby owls, English gardens, French pastries, oceans, summer berries, watching the sun rise, several lovely shades of lilacs planted together, pancakes, bacon and eggs,  hiking, pearls, autumn scents, daydreaming, old Libraries, summer nights, chai tea, gypsies, skinny dipping, sparkly things, love, autumn leaves, starlight streaming through my window, northern lights, the moon, ballerinas, peonies and roses and daisies, astrology,  midsummer, old cameras and suitcases, bikes with baskets, the smell of jasmine, poetry, floral wallpaper, antiques, the very first snowfall, sunsets on the lake, trees, the smell of lavender, feathers, keys, secret gardens, herb gardens, books, stories, silly dances, long walks, folklore and mythology, moss, trees, nature, being barefoot, wind in my hair, Christmas, snow, the smell of evergreens, photography, time travel, summer rains, thunder storms, lit fireplaces, whispered secrets, bird songs in the morning, collecting seashells, plants on windowsills, cheese, freckles, music boxes, lace, spells, magic. 

can one ever have too many favorites?



As my mind wanders it is impossible to describe my mood, it is anxious, restless and longs to wander, but, wants to be settled too. It does sound like I'm being that sort of a woman who cannot decide what she wants,  feeling stuck between wanting to roam and staying,  fantasy and truth , well really it's more like between dreams and reality. I would love to go whole-heartily into everything, every passion, every dream, every wish, but I can't choose, I don't want to choose, and I'm not fully free yet. Don't worry, I don't plan on choosing, I've decided pursue all of my desires and which ever ones come true, well those are the ones I will go with. I've spent too much time fighting the wind, and now I feel like I'm ready to let it blow me wherever it wishes, making the ride both easier and less painful. { I hope.} 


Little pieces of happiness...

unknown source

Finding life's little pieces of Happiness....

collecting delicate shells from the newly washed beach, gardens to linger through 
and admire, collecting adorable buttons in all manor of shapes and sizes, listening 
to the calming bird songs, blowing gently while making dandelion wishes, silky tea 
bags, spying the lovely prisms the sun makes while filling my room with it's bright 
warm light, the thick scent of roses and of grass enjoyed while walking along the 
path, finding a beautiful card in the mail, and hearing the sound of delicate wind 
chimes, getting all dressed up and caressing the finest silk and lace, soft, lingering 
kisses under star-filled skies, hearing small raindrops on the lake, and hundred of
fireflies casting a low luminous light over the night, wooden flutes playing in the 
distance, and my silk slippers barely making a sound as we dance....



After a weekend that included water exercise, and two 1-hour spinning classes, and a hot yoga class, I awoke this morning and realized I may have over done things a little bit. Fever. Body aches. Sore throat. Watery eyes. Runny nose. Yuck.

Thankfully, I was able to work from home most of the day. I drank endless cups of tea, ate a big bowl of  nourishing soup, read some of my new book, and watched a few episodes of Revenge to feel good about myself! Clean eating + light reading + delightfully trashy TV = a surefire formula for recovery. That and plenty of sleep.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week!

P.S. What's your favorite sick day recipe?


1. Go through your clothes rid yourself of any that don't make you beautiful in some way.
2. Take the scenic route.
3. Grow lots of plants - they clean your environment well.
4. Dance to the music whenever it calls to you.
5. Wave back at children when they wave at you.
6. Always go to bed early.
7. Keep to a general daily schedule
8. Retain at least one joke you can tell in a pinch.
9. Go ahead, climb that tree - you can do it!
10. Cut/dye/change your hair. Often.
11. Always keep fresh flowers in your house.
12. Call someone you care about but haven’t spoken too in a while.
13. Tell everyone important that you love them.
14. Volunteer your time for a cause you really care about.
15. Put your phone away when you’re talking to someone.
16. Wear sexy lingerie.
17. Sit in the park while writing in your journal.
18. Leave $5 somewhere for a child to find
19. Make your pet a Facebook profile.
20. Host a clothing swap with friends-it's a fun way to get new things.
21. Wake up early, grab a coffee or tea and watch the sunrise.
22. Learn to be courageous, even in small moments.
23. Drink more water
24. Make mimosas get your Uno going and have Sunday Potluck Brunch with friends.
25. Before going to bed, enjoy long and luxurious bubble baths - then read 30 for minutes
26. Stop putting things off. Do it now.
27. Find a new hobby
28. Instead of getting lost on the internet, go outside.
29. Say “yes” more.
30. Pick up that dirty penny, and put it in your pocket, it will bring you good luck..
31. Embrace the moment. Do something you’ve been putting off.
32. Shop at the farmers market or health food store this week instead of a grocery store.
33. Paint your toenails a gorgeous red
34. Really learn the art of listening.
35. Pick up a jump rope. Don’t put it down until you figure out how to use it.
36. Create a vision board - keep a picture on your phone too
37. Instead of watching TV, read a book. It can be a picture book.
38. Make something for your friends birthday instead of picking out something to buy.
39. Don’t use food for comfort.
40. Blow bubbles.
41. Clean your room from top to bottom. Seriously.
42. Forgive someone who hurt you.
43. Go thrift store shopping. See how much you can get with $10.
44. Decide to only say positive things about other people and especially yourself.
45. Draw hearts and smiley faces on everything.
46. Daydream. Own your fantasies. Figure out which ones you can turn into reality,
47. Say no to things that you don’t want to do.
48. Remember the silly things you did when you were a teenager.
49. Reach out to someone you did silly things with and remind them of the shared memory.

50. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.
51. Keep your promises or don’t make them. Your word is your bond.
52. Bake cookies and share them.
53. Open up your windows.
54. Get off your ass and get outside.{what is this place you speak of?}
55. Buy only what you need.
56. Appreciate beauty. It’s everywhere as soon as you start looking.
57. Look for a four leaf clover. Tape it in your journal.
58. Go through your scrapbook, junk drawer, wallet, and decorate your vision board  with   special notes, 
stickers, ticket stubs, and all those cute little things you don’t want to throw away, but don’t know what to do with.
59. Stop someone on the street and compliment them. Really mean it.
60. Walk as much as you can - Wear a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps, every day.
61. Take pictures of your food. It will make your more aware of the choices you’re making.
62. Smile at a handsome stranger.
63. Send a postcard or pictures to a friend who doesn’t live in your city anymore.
64. Light a scented candle. It's aroma changes everything quickly
65. Write a story. You’ll be shocked at the power of your imagination.
66. Eat your lunch outside
67. Ride your bike.
68. Wear lotion with glitter. That way you really sparkle!
69. Keep track of your thoughts. Don’t let the good ones fade.
70. Help someone in need carry groceries.
71. Learn one new thing everyday
72. Count to 10 before you give an answer-really think about what you say
73. Make a list of 10 reasons your life is great.
74. Don’t be afraid to say “no” when you mean it.
75. Make dinner for a sick friend.
76. Have a place for everything you love - get rid of the rest.
77. Take digital sabbaticals. Disconnecting for any period of time can be quite liberating!
78. Perfume your sheets  It smells so good!
79. Jump on the bed.
80. Meditate.
81. When you purchase something new, get rid of something old.
82. Leave big tips.
83. Take pictures of you and your friends in silly group shots.
84. March to your own beat. Don’t follow the crowd, or to others’ expectations.
85. Eat chocolate. Good chocolate.
86. Learn how to take a compliment. Smile, look the giver in the eye and say “thank you.”
87. Be grateful for what you do have, instead of stressing over what you don’t.
88. Try to cut processed foods out of your diet.
89. If you feel like crying....cry
90. Realize that every hardship you have gone through has made you stronger and wiser.
91. Take a long, leisurely nap in the sunshine. Feel the sun on your face.
92. Embrace the concept of enough. Once your needs are met, enough already.
93. Walk around barefoot
 94. Get your hands dirty. Try gardening
95. Take a long, hot shower
96. Don’t shop unless you need something - then, do your homework
97. Practice yoga.
98. Write someone who inspires you a letter and tell them so.
99. Remember: confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Wear it with pride.
100. First thing every morning; smile and say thank you, I'm grateful for being alive.


20 things I'll never regret....

1. my failures  2. making lists  3. being generous 4. telling the truth
5. coming prepared  6. saying I love you  7. taking the long way
8. time spent my way  9. peeing before I leave  10. showing compassion
11. using the good china  12. asking for what I need  13. listening to my intuition 
14. bringing a pen and paper  15. keeping my commitments  16. wearing comfortable 
shoes  17. eating a really good cupcake  18. giving thanks {being grateful}  19. leaving 
something better than I found it  20. skipping sleep to spend time with someone I love


clouds, whispers, ghosts, bunny ears, hugs, lullabies, knowing smiles, sea in a seashell,  fairy tales, Turkish delights, joyful memories, lips, the skin behind your knee, the sound of breathing in the night, glowing stars, wishes, feathers, fluffy pillows, puffed marshmallows, silk sheets, bubbles floating through the air, the petals on a rose, snow falling gently, old eyes,  moss between toes, secrets, diary pages, love words, garden dreams, smooth pebbles, fairy wings.



How to create your own love list...

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Curl up with a pencil and paper in your favorite spot. Let your thoughts and daydreams begin..
then write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t edit or filter, just write. Highlight three
things you would like to start first.

Turn on your favorite music, gather colored pencils and crayons and markers or maybe even
paint and begin to make your love list. Each item can be in a different color or you can add
color all around the page. In any way you want. You may want to draw images, or cut some
out of magazines to add to your list - perhaps a collage even.

Then, close down everything on your computer except for workflowy or ommwriter and
create your list. Print it or save it.

Frame your list or place it somewhere you can see everyday. Take a picture of it with your
cell phone so you can look at your list several times a day! Don’t let your lovely ideas get
buried in the stress of everyday life. Keep them alive by checking your list every day, even
if you only have 5 minutes.

You might accomplish your entire list in 2013, or maybe just a few things. Even better,
a new idea might come from the combination of several love list items.

My 2013 Love List

  • Exercise every day
  • Learn German
  • Read at least 1 book a month  
  • Travel to Europe
  • Walk faster
  • Plant one new herb a month
  • Learn more about hot yoga
  • Organize even better
  • Buy only used/local/essential things
  • Mindfully go through my day
  • Take a last minute road trip
  • Remove all clutter
  • Be even more with even less
  • Journal every day
  • Do meaningful work

Your list can grow or shrink as the year goes on. Don’t hold yourself to exacts because things
change, you change therefore your life will change and your list will change right along with it.
And that's how it should be! 



This week I enjoyed...

~ sampling many different kinds of hot tea ~ curling up in a big comfy chair and reading a book ~ sleeping on three pillows ~ creating lots of different things! ~ soaking in a hot, bubble-filled bath ~ a new delicious smelling perfume ~ eating breakfast alone ~ pretty nails ~ kindness where it isn’t expected ~ colored pencils ~ people I have things in common with ~ humor in day to day life ~ egg salad ~ challenging myself ~ surprises ~ wine ~ scarves ~ popcorn ~ dogs ~ chips and salsa ~ tomato soup ~ dream catchers ~ pistachios ~ sleeping in ~ spontaneous trips ~ the hobbit ~  chocolate ~ picture taking ~ library ~ writing ~ quiet places ~ The word “serendipity”~ Stretching in the morning right after waking up ~ baking bread ~ lists ~ made up words ~ chai tea ~ hugging clothes right out of the drier ~ snuggling in to watch a good movie and being hugged by all the cushions ~ fairy tales ~ wandering through an old book store ~ long-sleeved shirts ~ day- dreaming ~ bacon ~ lime water ~ lip gloss ~ elevators ~ soft blankets ~ donuts with sprinkles ~ kisses through the phone ~ homemade soup ~ hearts and flowers~

How about you? What did you enjoy this week?



lantern light streaming in on the windowsill, moonbeams on a cloudless night, freshly laundered sheets, the silence of snow falling gently, onion and garlic sauteing, the punching of typewriter keys, the clash of knitting needles, kitten whiskers against your cheek, warm radiators on cold days, the brewing of some delicious coffee, oceans waves crashing against the silky sand, the wind in the trees, morning dew, the calming smell of Lavender, crisp, cool, autumn air, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, old books with leather spines, one thought flowing gently into another, freshly cut grass, wind chimes gently being blown, summer rainstorms and the smell of warm, wet concrete, butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps for unknown reasons, a home that is open, spacious and airy, releasing all the tenseness thru stretching, sharing comfortable silences, finding oneself in a forest clearing, the calm of a lake early in the morning, silky smoothness of my robe, the warmth and aroma of a real wood fire, relaxing in the arms of nature, colorful fireworks shooting into the air as they crackle into the sky.

What types of sensations do you perceive?




          I decided to do something a little closer to my heart for Valentines Day...

Via; pinterest

 1. I mailed a special goodie box to the grandkids - hope they really enjoy it!                    
 2. Donated lots of beautiful things to Goodwill {cleaning out my closet}
 3. Gave the Library tons of great books {leaving uplifting notes between pages}
 4 . Worked the free food line for lunch at church {it is always humbling}
 5. Cleaned up the park near my home. It was sad to see so much trash.
 6. Bought a Large coffee for the gal behind me in line at Starbucks.
 7. I walked my elderly neighbors dog Sofia with Buddy she doesn't get out in winter.
 8. Smiled and Shined at every single person I came across or walked by all day.
 9. Got my SUV washed, then paid for the person who was behind me as well.
10. Dropped of bleach and blankets and food to the no kill animal shelter
11. I called an old relative I haven't spoken to in over 10 years.
12. cooked a full dinner for my neighbor who has been way to busy lately.
13. volunteered to help tutor kids and adults in a new reading program.

  14. The big one; I bought a large Valentine box - filled with homemade
                         candies from our own Lagomarcinos chocolatiers, and 10 lottery tickets
                         put into a beautiful envelope I created. I decided that as I went through
                         my day the perfect person to give it to would appear... and I would know
                         who it would be. And I did. While at a store I spied an overworked, but
                         lovely clerk who was doing everything for everyone - and she always
                        does. I gave her the heart and the card. She started to cry-which in turn
                        made me cry - which in turn made several woman cry and begin to clap.
                        She was so surprised. Needless to say, her boss who came out to observe
                        the commotion was pretty impressed with her too. It is always nice to see
                        how much an employee is so appreciated. Better keep that one right?
          My day was excellent. It will be hard to top this day for a while I think.
          I hope your day gave you just as much heartfelt meaning as mine did.



:: DIY Ombre Crafts::

Who doesn't totally love the ombre look? I know, I love it too! So, I thought, 
I need to find some easy crafts 
we could do to bring that look into our lives a little more!

ombre favor tote bags

To make the favor totes start with a basic canvas tote bought at a craft store. 
Begin to lay out tape in descending distances as a line grid down the tote. 
To mix the ombre paint use cupcake wrappers and mix in your bold color 
with the white in small additions as you go. Start at one end of the bag 
and carefully paint varying the colors from lightest to darkest as you go. 
Let dry and remove your tape for a beautiful spring bag. 
The same thing goes for the next craft the ombre pillow!

via; The house that Lars built

You will need: paper (white butcher paper is fine), 3 shades of the same color (I chose red, coral bright, and coral from Design Master floral spray)

Step 1: Start at the base of the paper and spray with the darkest color first.
Step 2: Next, go with the next darkest and partially spray into the first and then to about the half way point of the paper.
Step 3: Lastly, use the lightest spray and spray partially into the second color and then nearly down to the edge of the paper. Leave a bit of the white color as the fourth color.

This is done using just a butterfly punch and shades of pink paper or paint chips!

With just a punch, you can create a beautiful and easy card!

An ombre pendant lamp, aren't these simply gorgeous!!!

An ombre watercolor quote! The tutorial is fabulous!

via; frankie

And lastly, these ombre tennis shoes, how cute are they?

Now, that a lot of ideas and tutorial to help you add some color to your day!


DIY Suncatcher.....

Isn't this simply gorgeous! It was found HERE at One crafty Momma-and it is fabulous!

She used 24 gauge wire to wrap it in when she was done.

After looking over several tutorials I have put together my own-hope it helps!

1. First, decide on a shape you want your sun catcher to be.
You can use light weight disposable aluminum molds but
you can also use cookie cutters, pie tins or just free form it!

2. Just apply one thin layer of very cheap translucent pony beads
at the bottom of the pan, Try to fill the entire area the best you can
 to avoid holes {but holes look good too!}.

3. Melt the beads at 425 for approximately 25 minutes.
The time needed to melt the beads will depend on a few
factors, size of your beads and your oven. Less melting
times = the beads holding more of their original shape.
More melting time = more blending.

Be aware that there will be toxic fumes caused from this so make sure windows 
are opened and the room is able to be aired out good. If you can use an old toaster
oven plugged in outside or, in your open garage I would recommend that because
it does let out serious fumes.

Here are some pictures of other melted bead sun catchers-as you can see the possibilities
 are simply endless!  They are all so beautiful! You can even make them into a mobile! I can't
help but think how uplifting these will look hanging from my window with the sunshine
pouring in even though it is so cold outside - it will warm my heart!



100 {there is more} Romantic things........

It's Valentines Day soon which means thoughts of  romance 
are in the air!


What's romantic you ask? Many things are. 
I guess they can be different from person to person as well. 

But, below is my take on some truly romantic things....
use what appeals to you!

give each other a back rub, draw your dream-house and use cut-outs to fill each room perfectly, tour a museum or an art gallery, turn the lights down during dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood, play music in your bedroom, build a snowman together, watch the sunrise or sunset together, give your love a foot massage, bathe or shower together, float on a raft together down a lazy river, go night swimming in a beautiful illuminated pool, write a heartfelt poem for your love, go away for a romantic weekend together, spend an entire day in the “middle of nowhere.” just with each other discovering all sorts of new things together, bring her flowers, whisper something romantic to your spouse in a crowded room, write the love story of how you met. Get it printed and bound,  List your love's best qualities in alphabetical order, park in a secluded area and kiss in your car, rent a classic love-story and watch it while cuddling under blankets, give your honey a body massage, Walk through model homes and dream about your next house. Steal a kiss in a closet!, stroll around a nearby lake, sit in front of the fireplace and talk, read to one another in bed, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, remember to look into your love's eyes while they tell you about their day. make up nicknames for each other, always go the extra mile to please your mate, when you’re the one who’s correct during a discussion, give your spouse a kiss. Focus on your love rather than who’s right. fulfill one of your lover's fantasies, hug your love from behind and give them a kiss on the back of the neck. Stop in the middle of your busy day and talk to your love for 15 minutes, create your own special holiday, place your hand on your lover's leg when you’re riding in the car,  ask for an isolated booth in a restaurant, become your love's pep squad when they've had a terrible day. tell your lover, “I love you because…” (Finish the sentence.), sleep in a sleeping bag together, do something your Honey loves to do, even though it doesn’t interest you personally, go horseback riding on the same horse, photocopy a newspaper cartoon and write your own romantic caption, write out romantic notes and leave them in places your love will find them, cut out romantic photos from magazines and write your own messages on them, while driving, pull over for scenic sights and get out of the car to enjoy the beautiful views, write your love affirming love letters, mail the love letters instead of leaving them in the house, picnic by a pond, go skinny dipping, tie your favorite love poem to a helium balloon and let it go together, buy a 
stuffed animal, set up a surprise manicure, hairstyling, or mud bath appointment for your love, put together a puzzle on a rainy night, rent a boat, take a train ride, ride bikes in the rain, read romantic poetry to one another, build sand castles on the beach, take a moonlight canoe ride, make your love a homemade card, swing together on a playground, go for a midnight dip in a hot tub, give your sweetie a balloon bouquet, Plant a tree together, make heart-shaped pancakes and serve them to your honey in bed, take a hot-air balloon ride. bring a late-night snack and drink to bed, order different kinds of food at a restaurant-then share, have a candlelight picnic in the backyard, play tennis at night under a full moon using no lights, plan a weekly dining spot to meet for lunch, share a long piece of licorice without using your hands, put perfume on your bed sheets, hold hands while roller skating, tickle-wrestle in bed, go on a walk together and pick flowers, put an “I Love You!” message in their lunch, place a rose on their pillow, serve breakfast in bed, hide small gifts that your love will find throughout the week, sit and listen carefully to one another, go for a walk barefoot, go fly a kite together, dance in your candlelit living room, take a walk on the beach, play a board game by the fire, reminisce through photo albums, go for a moonlit walk down a street of beautiful homes, rub feet under the table, kiss in crowded area, surprise your lover with an ice-cold drink while he/she is working on a hot day, kiss in the rain, join them, unexpectedly, in the shower, create a trail through your home with a string leading your mate to a gift you have for them, ride a carousel or a merry-go-round, use a tender-touch as you pass one another around the house, share a milk shake with two straws, always keep fresh flowers in the house, dedicate a song to them over the radio, break away from the chaos of life long enough to share an intimate conversation, wink and smile at your love from across the room, leave a photo of yourself on the dashboard of their car, using plastic cups, create your own miniature golf course by placing the cups in different locations around the house and have fun creatively playing the game together,  Fill your bed with rose petals, play strip canasta, hug for an extended period of time, leave your lip-prints on a note,  sit in front of the window during a rainstorm and watch it together, do something together to help someone else, take a fun class together, ride a bicycle-built-for-two,  fall asleep holding each other, get up some morning and head out in the car together without planning one single thing, Buy new satin sheets,  try to go away for the weekend and spend only $50,  break your after-dinner routine and go sightseeing, drop everything and  do something for the one you love—right now!

That's a lot of ideas gathered from everywhere for you to enjoy!
now, go have fun!