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How do I love myself? Let me count the ways....

1. Love Thyself and Count the Ways - You rock, you really do. Look in that mirror -
and fall in love with the reflection that is you. Love yourself for all the good you see
and accept all your flaws and the fact that you are imperfect because we all are.
Begin to finally trust yourself. Yes, you can do it. Yes you do know what to do,
just do it. Now, take a piece of paper and write down 10 great things about you. 
Now, put it on your vision board.

2. Eliminate all self criticism. Now. Stop Judging yourself, stop telling yourself you
should have done this or you should have done that. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.
Famous words. And they are all past tense. Leave them there. And do not,
let me repeat that, DO NOT take things personally. You need to realize that nothing
other people do is because of you, what others say or do is a projection of their own
reality. So what you didn't do something you wish you had, or say something at the
right moment, oh well, move on........... really, move on.

3. Pampered Sundays. Why not? You have had a long week. Acknowledge all that
you do. That this week despite anything and everything that may have gone wrong...
you did your very best in everything you do. Spend this day lazing around and taking
care of you. Have a spa day, etc Just have a what "you" want to do day. Relax.

4. Here's to your health. You know what you need. Make those small changes.
Eat more fruits and vegetables, cut the soda, move lots more, eat a lot less.
Watch those portions. Really.

5. Let it go. Whatever it is. Worry, stress, finding that perfect someone, forgiving
someone, just take ownership of you. You do not need the approval of anyone else.
Do all the things you want and need to do. Everything else will find it's way in there.
Really. life happens that way...when your not looking.

6. Be more a more kind, grateful and positive person. Look for opportunities to show
little acts of kindness here and there. Open the door for someone, let that car ahead
of you, compliment someone. Take notice of all the kindnesses towards you, and
always be kind in return. Above A lot. At everyone. It makes you feel good.
7. Find your signature scent. One that is delicious on YOU. And one that once
 someone smells it - they instantly think of you.

8. Nurture your dreams. We all have them. Write down that List. Bucket List,
Life List... whatever you call it. Write it all down, everything you want to do,
places you want to go, people you want to see, things you want to try, food you
would like to eat all of it, and start checking things off one by one.

9. Learn to see the beauty in everything. Notice everything. The beautiful deep
green grass, the blue of the sky on a clear day, the blush of a rose in garden...
when you are able too see beauty in the world, you will also see the beauty in
yourself, and in others more easily.

be true...:

10. Be careful in your expectations of both yourself and others, remember to keep
your perspective in check. Know the rules and know when to break them, Never
live with regrets, and remember that the shortest distance between two points is a
straight line, so stop taking unnecessary steps and side routes... always have a plan.

Open mind, open heart.

"Create a definite plan for carrying out your desires and begin at once, 
whether you're ready or not, to put this plan into action." 

-Napoleon Hill


  1. You're very isnpiring, I love this post! :)

  2. I am so happy you liked this post. It's very good advice.
    Don't you ever worry about peer pressure...what I mean is
    what other people think of you or what you wearing, or
    where you are going, or what you are doing. You have a plan,
    stick to it, and love everything about your self and the life
    that you choose...because, {and it took me years to learn this}
    it does not matter what we look like or how thin we are, no,
    it matters that we loved and were loved every minute of our life.
    Believe it.


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