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We are always constantly being asked, "what do you want to be?
If you don't want to be who you are right now, then who is it you
desire to be exactly? Think about it. I did.

♥ I want to be a woman who is relaxed and content with herself and her world.
♥ I want to move slowly, effortlessly through my day, enjoying every minute of it.
♥ I want to spend time by the water - as often as possible.
♥ I want to plant a bigger vegetable garden and eat all of it it! 
♥ I want to be the woman who still writes love letters.
♥ I want to be the friend you call when you need a sympathetic ear.
♥ I want to live fully and not fret about my weight.
♥ I want to love openly without embarrassment.
♥ I want to be independent and in control of my own life and my own decisions.
♥ I want to wear whatever makes me feel sexy with my curls free and wild.
♥ I want to wear flirty skirts and flat shoes with my hair up.
♥ I want to find something that I love to do and do it well. Maybe even as a job!
♥ I want to smile daily at the thought that I know I'm exactly where I should be.
♥ I want to be, me! The REAL me! Always! that is what I want to be.

 How about you? What do you want to be?

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