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Why, hello there.  Life has been so full and satisfying these days: quiet mornings with a mug of thick, hot coffee, days at work spent helping people and dreaming up new community events, lots of time on my yoga mat, and long meandering hikes on the many nearby trails. {with camera in tow} My evenings tend to consist of a simple, natural, wholesome dinner, a walk by the river, and usually a glass of wine enjoyed on the porch while listening to the sounds of nature, cicadas, and other night things... before falling into bed with the latest issue of Whole Living. I feel good, tired, and intensely grateful. Sometimes days go by that I don't even flip open my laptop. I know. And, I sometimes even find myself without my phone. I don't care. I just feel too inspired to be out there in the world, just soaking it all in.

I'll leave you with that. What have you been enjoying lately?

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