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: What stirs your soul? :

I believe in the power of beautiful vistas...they stir your soul.  

Often, tears stream from the very source that captures the imprint of that moment.  
The moment where my heart skips a beat, I gasp for air, and the mental click 
of recognition that this is real not just a reverie settles into the chambers of my memory bank.  
Real beauty offered up and perhaps never to be seen exactly the same as it is at that very second.  
Mood altering. Game changers. These are the visions that cause me to step back 
and reassess my attitude.  To appreciate better what I already have and revel in the moment.  

Time is fleeting, and I'm not going to let its beauty pass me by. 

Indulge in the greatness this world offers ... sunrises, sunsets and all the glory in-between.    

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