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:: And then all my plans changed ::

Ever have a day you had planned out, only to get to that day and discover that you have something more important you must do, so that trumps what you were going to do, but then it all works out really good anyway in the end? That's the kind of day I had yesterday.

I was going to attend a class that was being presented by a friend of mine. And, by all accounts this is an excellent class. Something in which you could learn some very important things, be given the tools to help yourself and others, and in general increase your knowledge base on a personal level. Yea, I missed that. And why? Because this is July, and my June tags have been expired now for almost a whole month. That's running on pure luck, which, I don't have. So, I went to the DMV instead and bought my tags, which, by the way still say June even though I purchased it in July. Hmmm.... interesting that one. So, now I have missed the class. What to do? It was only 8:30 in the morning so, I headed down to the river. Wandered near a favorite summer hangout and took some pictures.


This, is the first thing I wandered into. There were a few geese wandering here as well. Just looking for something 
to do with their day as well I'm sure! 

When it becomes obvious they don't want to share their space with me I decide it's time to move on...

The river was still, and finally, had gone down a bit. The water was so high the previous 2 weeks that the road along the river 
had been closed for two weeks. This large tree stump is just one example of all the large things floating down river right now. 
I have seen whole trees go by as well. Crazy.

The trees along the river are looking ok though. No worse for wear.

Even the walkway and benches were cleaned up and back to normal.

This is the Marquis Harbor right by my house. When my kids were younger we spent a lot of time on our boat on the river. 
But, those days are long gone. Along with the kids. Everything sure changes when they grow up and leave doesn't it?

This is The Captains Table. A restaurant next to the Harbor. This is a great place to enjoy dinner in the summer time. 
Besides being one of the best restaurants in our city, some nights they have entertainment and you can just wander down, 
grab a seat {and a drink} a friend or two, and listen to some wonderful music while watching the sun go down over the river. 
Those river breezes are sure nice after a hot day.

Isn't this lovely? I know. It's even better at night.

This is the entrance to the Patio overlooking the Harbor and the Mississippi River.

This is the stage where the bands set up and play from. 

The dock gas station. Boy do I remember those fill-ups, ouch!

There are the occasional days that I miss boating. But, then again, it was a lot of hard work to keep up with as well. 
A lot of work. Always cleaning. Always be safe. Boating can be dangerous for those that do not know what they are doing.

It's so quite out here this early in the morning. Not one single sign of life here.

This is the entrance to the restaurant from River Road. It's finally open again!

This is the side of the restaurant facing the street. Aren't those portholes adorable or what?

The bike path runs along side the building as well. Heavenly smells are found here.

Coming around the corner can be dangerous. On the other hand, there is a mirror. Use it people.

The fence that surrounds the parking lot is fascinating I think. But then, I love stuff like that.

Even the fencing and posts add to the character and charm of this place.

The trees that are here fascinate the eye as well. I love these trees. 

And now it's time to relax on this bench and read for at least 30 minutes before really starting in on the day ahead. 
This is a good place to meditate and seek calm.

Time to go! I just called a friend and she is wanting to run around to several places today. Where oh where will I travel to today?

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