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:: Hero Street ::

:: Memories ::

:: enjoying fireworks . pony rides . cotton candy . bbq fare . conversation . friends

:: enjoying the loose schedule of summer

:: swimming…especially with friends

:: crochet... and badminton in the back yard

:: always loving kale {try this sometime:  bagel of choice . kale ripped/layered onto bagel . 
goat cheese sprinkled on top…broil or toast lightly.  serious yum}

:: serious vegetable growth in the garden…so much more fun to chop and saute 
when it’s come from the backyard garden

:: pulling weeds…and more weeds {Yikes, will it ever end?}

:: in love with my memories of a happy weekend road trip

:: margarita monday

:: hugs, kisses, laughs, ice cream cones, board games, yard races, repeat…

:: homemade doughnuts with grandkids

:: beautiful, old trees

:: Hero Street ::

:: It had been researched and documented by The Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. that { there is exists no other street of comparable size } that has had as many men and women render service to the Armed Forces of the United States of America then the 11/2 block long street in Silvis, Illinois. Which is actually comprised of about 25 houses. According to author Marc Wilson, there have been over 100 young men and women from "Hero Street" who have given service to the Untied States Military Forces. And out of those, six of them were killed in action during WWII and another two during the Korean War.

Because of their contributions, the street was renamed Hero Street USA in May 1967, by former Mayor of Silvis, William Tatmen. On 30 October 1971 a city park was built and dedicated as Hero Street Park in honor of the eight deceased service men from Hero Street USA. The park contains a pictorial monument a Grotto, a playground and a Pavilion. The monument contains pictures and biographies of the eight-deceased veteran from Hero Street, the grotto displays the names of all war dead from Silvis.

It is an inspiring monument to eight Mexican American soldiers from one short street in Silvis who gave the last full measure of their devotion during WWII and the Korean War, and, I am so glad that I stopped to check it out. Enjoy the pictures that I captured on that beautiful morning, as history was learned and very appreciated.

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