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: I spent how much? :

I don’t know how life is going for you, but the busier (and hungrier) 
I get, the more apt I am to spend without thinking.  
Life is always moving way too fast and there is always so much to do, 
my fallback, too often, {unfortunately} is to choose convenience 
over saving my money or my health.

One evening, I was stuck at work, I had forgotten my lunch and so I was really 
hungry by this time. All I could think about was getting home and having dinner 
as fast as possible. Then, someone called in sick, and I had to work two more 
hours just to cover them. While out,  I went through the Mc Donalds drive thru 
and one burger and fry later,  I was no longer hungry, but, I was filled with regret.  

While I wish I could say it this was just an isolated incident, 
the truth is that moments like those happen to me far more often 
than I would like to admit. So, I am implementing a few new rules 
to help to curb my supposed mindless spending habits. 

The List!

1. Try sticking to cash only.  Take the time to actively plan your budget, 
then set aside specific cash amounts for your various categories, 
it forces you to really think about how much you are spending.  
There is no getting around it:  Paying cash makes it feel real. 
You visually can see your money leaving you.

2. Try to plan ahead as much as possible.  What’s the old saying?  
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  
One of the best ways to avoid last minute spending is by 
anticipating your needs in advance, then having things prepared 
“just in case.”  Keeping an emergency kit of snacks, toiletries, wipes, 
and extra clothing in your car could save you an awful lot of  
time and money on down the road.

3. Write it down.  Try it! Make a list! While some expenses can’t be 
avoided, commit to keeping track of them, it can help to halt the urge 
to spend more than you have to.

4. Implement the 24 hour rule.  Shopping on the internet has become 
just way too convenient. Instead, I am committing myself to get out there 
and find the small independent mom and pop shops and begin a long 
relationship with them. Not only buying local for the things that I need, 
but saving resources down the road while supporting local business. 
I am tired of places like Wal Mart. I really feel the need to go back to basics. 
But, still,  before buying anything,  I now allow myself a day to really think 
it over, to make sure I really need whatever it is that I'm buying. 
I’m pretty sure it has saved me hundreds!  Sometimes, 
all you need is a little time for the urge to pass.

My challenge 

Think of all the time in your day that is completely wasted because you didn't 

get everything at the store that you needed, or you forgot something and had 

to drive all the way home again. Think about some ways you can avoid this 

in the future and implement them. 

Now, identify an activity or hobby you are passionate about, but that you may 

have given up because of time, circumstances, or money.   

Is there a way to incorporate that passion back into your life somehow? 

Isn't it funny how things work out?

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