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:: On planning ::

:: simple things to help organize your day ::

Plan the night before – Do what you can to make the next day easier. 
On waking up - center yourself physically with simple exercise.
Eat only when you feel hungry - too often it is thirst - drink lots of water.
Have a schedule - But, keep it simple, and allow for flexibility.
Create Blocks of Time – Have a certain time for certain things.
Play "What can I do in just 5 minutes"? – you would be surprised.
Stay on track - Don’t get bogged down in the details.
Understand Your Work Style – We all have different ways of moving through life. 
Let Go of Perfect -  Embrace who you are, and where you are. Right now.
Always be early - You'll thank me later.
Learn to say no - Your time is for things that are important to you.


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