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:: The saga continues... ::

Warning: This post has 110 photos in it. 
No kidding. It was a long day. 

What a day I had indeed. After the river walk, I met my friend at a store for their grand opening. It's called Ross's. It was interesting. And very, very busy. Although, through all the pandemonium,  my friend still managed to find a pair of pants and three tops. Not bad. Next, we headed up the hill to a book store we had been wanting to check out called Readmore Book world and Rock Shop.

The books don't stand out. Not alongside all these beautiful rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors. Much more of a rock store, than a bookstore. For sure. So, off we were again! This time to visit a little vintage store appropriately named "Fred and Ethels"!

Needless to say, I was lost in this store. So much to see. So little time. Here is where I found the perfect apron, 
and the cutest little ring, which I purchased quickly before being whisked away to eat at a place called "Bowls".

Indeed, I had the best dressed up mac and cheese I've ever had before. Really. It's second to the left in the picture above.
We added garlic bread. Can't forget that. It was delicious. With Marinara sauce on the side.
Next up: A visit to "Neat Stuff"

How did this alien get in here? Oh well, no time to worry about that. Onto the next store...


This store is dangerous. Inside is the most delectable treats I have had in a really long time. Rich, delicious cake bites. That's right. Just one will satisfy a sweet craving for a whole day. And that's no lie. On top of that the jewelry pieces in here are whimsical and colorful. I love this store. They wrapped my cake bites in the cutest box with a bow. Sigh. Love it. I love feeling special.

But, there is no time to dawdle. Two doors down is SIS the fair trade store. We have been so wanting to see this store for a while now. And, we were really in for a wonderful treat. This store is phenomenal. From the moment we walked into the door our eyes were trying to capture all the colors, patterns, textures and plain beauty of all that surrounded us. Every time I looked in a direction I found something new, even if I had just looked there. Incredible. And so uplifting as well. The stories. The people who make these beautiful things, their struggles, their accomplishments, their dreams. This is an amazing place with some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. And the craftsmanship is incredible. This is where I found the leather binder I so wanted to find, filled with the heavy paper that I need to paint in, or do mixed media on. I found this. Here. We will be back. Oh yes, we sure will be back here. Christmas is right around the corner, and there is something magical and wonderful to be found for everyone in this place.

I'll bet you think the day ended here don't you? Well, it did not. After our visit here, we decided to go book hunting. We went to a bookstore up a couple of blocks from here but, it was mostly filled with very old books. It was quite interesting though, so we headed for another bookstore, and after no luck there, we gave in and went to the Barnes and Noble store at the mall. After all that walking, we had to have a piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory {which is hidden inside the Barnes and Noble} and take pictures of funny book titles, and look for bargains. I scored another keri smith book-this time pocket sized!

Ok, now is when we decided to call it a day. So, with no further ado, I dropped her off at her car and we each drove off our separate ways into the sunset, vowing to do this again very soon. We have many things on our list that we want to do, and many places that we want to go. But, that is for another day.  

Here is my gorgeous new apron!

I love it! Look at those pockets!

My super cute little ring. Isn't it adorable?

This is the bag she put my apron in. OMG! The memories of licking a bazillion stamps and filling those books and
taking the books to the S&H Green Stamps store. It was so FUN! Why isn't there anything like that anymore? I loved it!

And here is my little box of beautifully wrapped with a bow cake bites!

My new leather binder for creating art in...

My new Keri Smith book. Can't wait to start on it.

It was a really great day.

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