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:: Spreading the Joy ::

One of my most favorite things to do, because it always makes me feel good, 
is to spread a little joy in subtle, yet artistic ways. I love painting rocks and then 
throwing them into an area with lots of plain rock. I never have to wait very long. 
Someone always comes along, sees the bright color, the positive word or design 
painted upon it and puts it in their pocket. Why? Because it makes us smile. 
It makes us feel good. And, it's pretty. 

The other thing I do, is write out positive quotes and such on small paper and 

leave them everywhere. Inside books and magazines, underneath things so when 
someone goes to pick something up they will find the note. It is uplifting.

The other day though, I topped myself. I got ten $1 bills, and went to work.

Every time I ran into a child that day, I placed a dollar where the child would 
then find it. The look on their face! A whole dollar! Just for them! I loved it.

Do you find that strange behavior? Just wondered.  

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