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: Teetering on the edge :



there are some stressful things 
happening over here these days.
big choices. life changing choices.
things that I can't share quite yet.
and I could eeeeeeeasily get pulled under.
you know what I mean?
I just seem to stand teetering on the edge...
 so, you know what sometimes just makes me 
take a deep breath and calm down?
  reading my own blog.
it's like I forget about what I think 
and how I can get my thoughts organized 
enough to blog every day.
looking back at myself, my pictures and 
words really helps sometimes.
do you do that?
It just takes a minute to look at the the over -
all good instead of getting buried in the details 
that are just a bit overwhelming at times.

so today I'm just blogging about the good.
and I'm breathing deep and slow.

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