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:: That's assuming a lot ::

Have you ever been around a person who never seems to have a kind word for anyone?  
That, no matter the situation, they will be critical?  No matter the person, they will find fault? 
Criticism and judgment seems to come as naturally as breathing to some people doesn't it?
Perhaps that person has even been you. I know it’s been me.  

The reality is, that it is often very hard not to make an assumption about someone. 

For instance;

:: That guy who just drove on your ass for miles?  Jerk.

:: That pretty wife of an older husband?  Gold digger.
:: That homeless man with the cardboard sign on the corner?  Druggie. Alcoholic.
:: That church member you don’t get along with?  Hypocrite.
:: That friend who can't find time for you?  Self-absorbed.

We often just assume the worst of the people we come across, whether they are complete strangers or even those closest to us.  It's pretty easy to condemn, isn't it?  Folks, I really don't think we see the world through rose colored glasses, but instead, through judgment-colored lenses.

If you were to really think about why that is, it boils down to a simple truth: 
It's a way to avoid having to actually connect with the people around us.  Because connecting 
with people, means that we might actually have to become just a little bit vulnerable. 
And being vulnerable is awfully scary sometimes.

Do it anyway.  Trade your critical eye, for one of kindness and compassion instead, 
and just let go of preconceived judgments, and when you find yourself assuming the worst, 
make an effort to consider a less condemning alternative.  

The truth is that we never really know what is behind that facade, 
or what battles that person might be fighting behind closed doors.  

By stepping into that other person’s shoes and walking around for awhile,  
you might just be amazed at how different the world begins to look.

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