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: Welcome July :

I'm not ready for you. July means summer is in full swing now, and that just reminds me that time is going by much too fast! The days now are filled with all kinds of good things: sun, fresh fruit, gardens, animals, walking barefoot on the grass, swimming pools, barbecue parties and friends. There are so many amazing things just waiting for us to do this summer, and we still have plenty of time to get it all done.

I took a long walk outside for lunch today to think and stretch my legs. I always throw on my sneakers & head out for a walk whenever I need some alone time to think. It helps me deal with stress & anxiety. I was thinking about how the beginning of each month is sort of like a blank canvas. You can always just start all over because it's a new beginning, and set new goals & resolutions for yourself like...

Let's get active & be more healthy...I started eating more healthily a few weeks ago, just learning about how much sugar is in my food and my drinks recently has brought about an abrupt change to my diet once again, and I have already started to see results. I want to continue learning more and more about nutrition, while my trying my best to be healthy & active. 

Drink more water...because I often find myself dehydrated during the hottest months of the year. And, flavored water is one of the most delicious ways I have found to really enjoy water. Just by adding fresh fruit, it becomes ever more delicious! 

Other ideas include:

Singing in the shower, a slowing down of sorts... just taking my time and avoiding being in too much of a hurry all of the time, using my camera every day, trying out new hairstyles, and I'll practice being more positive & I'll simply let go of negative thoughts, and smile just because, I'll stop trying to make everything perfect and just embrace the many splendid imperfections all around me, I might even make time to read 3 more books on my reading list, and then, leave little post-its with words of encouragement in random places, and last, I'll make more time to work on completing my Summer Bucket List!  

What are your goals for July??

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