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:: Choose what you really want ::

I am grateful for my fun, simple, life. But I do like nice things. {Who doesn't} And as always, when presented 
with a choice, even when I do not know the value, I choose the most expensive option. That is an odd thing 
about myself don't you think? Sometimes I might try and find a more suitable alternative, but usually I will put 
other things aside for that one special thing. And, I'm always glad that I did. Always get what you really want. 
What makes you happy, or what brings joy to your life. Never settle for second best or else you will never be 
happy, and you will always pine away for that which you really wanted. So, although I have simplified and pared 
down, I am enjoying life more than ever. I am becoming quite choosy about the things I keep.

I blinked and summer is now halfway gone just like that. It was filled with birthdays, 
and hiking, and swimming, and biking, and music and crafts and all of the wonderful things 
that summer is so special for. Ice cream at night, picnics at the park, last week we ate sandwiches 
on a blanket and brought delicious, fruity adult beverages as we listened to a free outdoor music festival. 
And this week there is a movie at the park we will be attending as well! That's part of the goodness of 
summer as well. What about you? What have you been doing with your summer? 
And what are some things you still want to do while there's a little time left? 

I still haven't taken a ride on the new Ferris wheel yet..... but there's still time...

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