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* It's a great read: Girl on a train by A.J. Waines

* My favorite word of the week: Serendipity. It's just one of those words that sounds pretty, and who doesn't love the idea of happy accidents or unexpected circumstances that change our lives for the better? 

* Special picture of the Week: A little flashback fun: My Grandfather and I. Taken a long time ago in Wisconsin Dells. It's a fun place to visit and have fun. Then get a place along the lake and relax for a few days. This time of year is so beautiful. 

* Anticipating: a weekend getaway {needed} In Wisconsin Dells! Going to stay in a favorite place along Lake Delton. 

This time of year is so beautiful... warm days, chilly nights, lots of bike trails to ride... and bonfires... 

* Favorite Song of the week: "Gimme something good" by Ryan Adams {HERE}

* Quote of the week: You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you, and you will be tomorrow 

where the thoughts of today take you. ~ Blaise Pascal ~

* Something to buy: a better hoodie. Going to be needing it in Wisconsin! 

* Something to make: continue to work on my "wreck this journal". I can take it with me to Wisconsin and continue working on it there as well! Can't wait!

* A few things I'm loving: clematis and other climbing, flowering plants, this record-breaking cooler than normal July/August we've been having, making decisions that feel good deep in my gut, waking up without an alarm clock, time to read a huge pile of magazines in one sitting, and my book for book club, working on my "wreck this journal", the new roof on my house, tomatoes coming out of my ears!, all kinds of the freshest produce to eat, and a weekend trip to plan out.

What's going on in your neck of the woods this week?

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