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:: Harvest time ::

Harvest Picnic. Aside from the fishing line becoming a tangled mess, it was a really lovely day. But, then again, how could it not be, as we had the sun, the shade, a wonderful farmers market where we bought and ate every bit of the local ripe produce we could get our hands on, and then attended a Fish Boil on top of that! We joined in the dancing and spun around, and let watermelon drip from our chins. This picnic however, signaled summer's end and now Autumn is only a few short weeks away.  Already, I can feel it's presence here in the chill of the morning and the cold of the evening. But, I love any excuse to light a warm fire inside, or a bonfire outside. I've brought my boots and hoodie for this weekend. I hope to find myself hiking and biking, eating cider donuts and sitting in front of a fire. Oh summer you were fun, so much fun, but fall I love you too. 
I can't wait! 

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