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:: Road Trip Remembered ::

It would be hard to go through a town named 
Black Earth and not take a few pictures.

I also love old barns.

Hard to tell isn't it?

I passed this while driving the highway between 
Mount Horeb and Black Earth, Highway 78.

The rooms next to me.
{taken from my balcony}

The view of the pool from my balcony. 

Glancing down at the lake from my room.

Again, from my room looking down.

There were gorgeous wood-carved
totem poles and carvings hidden
here and there on the property.

This is the Tommy Bartlett Show Ski Show
which we could watch from our balcony.

This was the ski-ramp on fire!

And the skiers jumping right through it!

That was a great show!

The patio was lovely and peaceful.

There is a polar bear tied down in the pool.
The quest for each guest, is to stand on the
polar bear.

This, was on top of a gas station...

This, was at the entrance to the gas station.

And now, some random pictures taken
while walking down the street in
Downtown Wisconsin Dells...

They have excellent gourmet grilled cheese.

A fortune-teller in her own right...
When not making Fudge that is...

And, it is delicious fudge too
1 piece sampled here...

This stuff is simply gorgeous.

Did the quest. Did not win
Epic Fail.
But, fun was had, even while I
was hanging upside down. 
Don't ask....

I did buy a T-shirt, but this was not it!
But I thought it was adorable! 

I did have a caricature drawn.

Yea. I know. It was worse close-up.

Would you get married here?

Mini golf anyone?

Wonderful for Families...

Ripley's... good photo ops 

Yes, it's that good.

Just 1 piece please

Mix that cheddar popcorn with that Caramel

Too scary!

Sounds good to me!

This is a good time... till you get
hit with one... OUCH!

Howdy Chief!

I love dream catchers. Put one on my 
rear view mirror 

Loved these hats...

Weird, right?

A place devoted to just mac-n-cheese!

Souvenirs galore


Henna tattoo shop 

Zoltar the all knowing...

and powerful...

Adorable shop

A look down the streets...

Back at the Hotel... the Tommy Bartlett
Show is now beginning again...

The polar bear is resting safely

The water slide is silent

The lake is still

Morning has broken...

No one is up yet, except me of course.

I love the view from my balcony.

More beautiful carvings


The hot tub...

the pool...

The pool and waterslide


beautiful blooms...

placed here and there...

from the pool...

Good thing he is relaxing now,
because in 10 minutes the kids
will be all over him!

more totems


and yet more...



sat here and drank coffee and read
my book for a while...

from the beach...

along the trail...

The beach with lots of chimneys



The fire pit area from
my balcony...

The indoor pool...

The game room...

As you can tell, I had a really great weekend. 
I packed it full of so many stories and adventures 
that I can't even begin to unravel everything...
actually, I just need a nap.

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