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:: Taking action ::

I do realize that success does not come to those who merely have great ideas. 
Success comes to those who have great ideas and who follow through on them. 
It's really as simple as that. And I know it. It doesn't matter how carefully crafted 
your plans are, they are of no value at all unless you put them into some kind of 
action. The best intentions are only useful fi you actually follow through with them.

During the course of the day, lots of thoughts cross my mind. I get some of my 
best ideas at the strangest times, but, as quick and as easy as those thoughts 
come, I have to admit that they disappear just as fast, so it's always been really 
crucial that I keep a pen and paper handy, or record my thought into my phone 
so I can remember later. That is why I'm a list maker. One thing at a time. So, 
before the next meaningful thought or intention gets pushed out of my mind by 
another I do something about it. Right then. Something. Anything that begins to 
bring that intention to life.

When you think of a good idea, there's a reason why you have that thought in 
the first place. Listen to what the thought is suggesting, and take action right away. 
Don't let your idea or your intention, or your vision slip away. 
Take action, and make it real.

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