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:: Taking a hard look ::

It sometimes takes a really long, hard look to be able to see
that you're letting yourself run on empty for far too long.

We give, even when there is nothing more to give...
and then wonder why nothing seems to lift our spirits.
Pushing forward and getting things done. Every day.

Forgetting not only to look ahead, but also up. No more.

We are coming back. Slowly, but with eyes wide open...
we are making our way back to the center of things.

With our few extra hours a week, we will savoir them...

they will be used for walking, collecting, photographing,
no rushed appointments or phone calls,

instead, we are writing in notebooks and looking 
forward to all those minutes we can call our own. 

 The retreating is over...
and now it's time to emerge once again.

I sort of wonder if it's a cycle like that for everyone.

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