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:: Tipping the Balance ::

I know that maintaining a good balance about everything is the best way to go, but... 
Today's list is about those things that I would gladly let tip the balance. 
That I may, in fact, just enjoy too much! Is that even possible? 

Things I may, in fact, enjoy too much...

Making lists. Like you couldn't figure that one out, right?  Pizza. with extra cheese of course. { I love all kinds, the extra cheese, is just a plus!}    Just BEING in a good stationary shop. I love any and all paper produces. And don't get me started on new journals!   Sunlight, warm on my skin, but I also especially like watching it pour into big windows on cold winter days too.   Turning up the volume to something cheerful, and dancing around the house when nobody's around.   Long, warm showers after a workout, is there a better kind?  Camping. This is very new to me. But, I find that I like it!   The beach. I could, and have spent the whole weekend on the beach. Everything about it fascinates me. And when I am done exploring and swimming and walking, I plop down with a good book and read until I am lulled to sleep. Fabulous!   Victoria's Secret fruit lip glosses, because, after all, they really do taste the best.  Grocery shopping. I really take my time with this. I stop by several stores, but I always begin at the Farmers Market and try to get everything there first.   Wearing fuzzy socks in the winter, because in them I can actually slide all across the house with a running start!   Hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows, accompanied by children s' laughter and a good movie!   An aromatic red berry tea, or a delicious Chai. Either will do me just fine.  Sarcasm, I guess because it knows one to know one! Perhaps I'm just looking to fill my own arsenal?  Kissing my cat's nose. He is crazy. I know have a cat who acts just like a dog. Just what I needed right?   Surfing Pinterest. I have found so many cool things there to make, to eat, to learn... just incredible.  Arguing my point. Yea, I like this one a bit too much I think. Sometimes I think I would do much better in life if I would just count to 10 before speaking. Perhaps I might in that short amount of time, think better of saying anything at all. Maybe?  Comfy couches that devour you. If you have one then you know what I'm talking about. It is two people wide so you can actually sleep comfortably if you wanted to, and watching movies with all the grand-kids is a blast! You can all cuddle under the same blankets with big soft pillows everywhere!  Collecting thingamajigs and whatsamabobs. You know. Souvenirs from all the wonderful places that I have been to and so forth. It could even be something from a favorite coffee shop. If I really liked it, chances are that I have kept some kind of memento about it.  Maps. I love maps. Who doesn't love maps?  My iphone. Should go without saying. I love this phone. I love all the apps I have on this phone. What can I say? It really comes together for me and makes my life easier, and that's great in my book!  The smell of markers. Yeah, I know. What can I say?  Getting to know new people. Yes. I simply love this more than anything. I can be in a room full of strangers, and within 30 minutes I will know everyone's name, where they work, why they are here etc; I'm just that way... and people open up to me... but that is because I truly am a person who is happy, open, honest, and sincere. And it shows. 

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