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:: Welcome August ::

A warm welcome to August, and all that it encompasses... I truly have a soft spot for August 
it means that the end of summer is near. And, at this point I'm simply going to try to take full 
advantage of whats left of this beautiful summer we've been having. although, the day is not 
starting out too good. It's raining. And while I don't usually mind the rain, today is supposed 
to be our work picnic afternoon. We'll see. The forecast is scattered showers all afternoon. 
Meaning it will only be raining wherever I may be. {smile}

Do you know what today is? August 1st is National Girlfriends Day! 
I picked out a really cute card for a girl at work who, even though 
she is quite a bit younger than myself, has become a really good friend to me, 
and because Friendship Day is on August 3rd.

I found some beautiful sunflowers. Does it get anymore August than this? I doubt it.

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