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:: By the water ::

There is definitely a difference between living and just existing.
The difference is in my voice, in my step and in my very breath.
More importantly, their is a difference deep within my heart.

It is said that there are but two ways to bring light into this world: 
one way is to be the light. The second way is to be the mirror that reflects the light.
I personally don't believe that either one is better that the other one, after all,
the mirror is not any less of a light.

That being said, live as you want the world to be, behave in the manner you wish 
other people to behave, and they will surely follow... and it will be beautiful.

Okay, you got me. I've been spending a peaceful day on the beach meditating.
Reflecting on the Summer past, and the winter that's coming quickly. 
It's a perfect day, not too many of those left this season to be sure. 
I am lucky to have had this breathtakingly beautiful and restful day. 

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