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:: Climbing that ladder ::

So, by Friday, I found myself at the bottom of the rabbit's hole, wondering how this week just spiraled out of control. 
Work has been overwhelming for a few weeks now, and it will be like this until at least December. Sigh. "Okay. I thought miserably, "What CAN I control here?" And then slowly, slowly, slowly I am building a not so steady ladder out of that hole.

I can control what I eat, and what I make for dinner. The quality of the food I buy, and what I'm willing to spend. I can control what color I paint my nails, or even give myself a spa day. I can decide whether I will work out today. Or I'll think of a good excuse why I shouldn't. I can control who I spend time with... And who I don't. And the words that out of my mouth. { I just need to count to ten first} I can control how clean my house is, and set up a schedule for that. I can decide what I fill my head with. What am I watching on tv? what am I reading? I can also control how I view myself. And how others see me as well. And I can choose how I want to see the world. And more importantly, I can determine my mood, my feelings, and how I want to feel each day. I can approach it in a happy way, welcoming each day as it comes and all that it brings with it... or, I can make myself miserable... hmmm... not really much of a choice right? Right. I'll work on that this weekend, and then hopefully on Monday, I'll come back a whole new girl!

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