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:: Just look what you can do with Autumn Leaves ::

What can I do with all those beautiful leaves?

This is such a fun and simple fall tradition and one you can do with kids if you have any. 
Traditions are pretty big with me. If you're looking to add some for your family.... this is perfect! 
So, first, you need to gather the leaves…go on a nature walk, choose the most beautiful, vibrant, 
colorful, perfect leaves that you can find. 


Then pick this up at the grocery store. It’s only a couple dollars and one box should be enough.

Buy a disposable foil pan as well for dipping the leaves in. 
Melt the wax over low heat. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful…hot wax is HOT. 
Place it on a back burner and nowhere near children.

Holding the stem, dip the leaves in melted wax one at a time and then set them on wax paper. 
Cover your counter with newspaper, then the wax paper, to make clean up easy, 
because it’s NO fun scraping wax drippings off counters. 

Let each leaf cool completely…once they are totally cool they will lift off easily. 
If the wax starts to harden in the pan, just warm it up on the burner again. 

Tie them up with string to form a garland. 
They are beautiful and a perfectly simple 
(and almost free) autumn decoration.

A  Whimsical Autumn leaf wind catcher


Have you ever tried painting on leaves?

After pressing your leaves, paint anything you want onto your
leaves. Then dip in wax to preserve your leaves.

How about a beautiful painted fall leaf wreath?

From alisa burke full tutorial here

Or, a Maple leaf centerpiece?

Tutorial found here on Decor for all

From: Saved by lovely creations tutorial found here

There are lot's more things to, but, I've just chosen the ones that I plan on trying to do.
Aren't they all simply lovely?

Pretty cool isn't it? 

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