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:: Keeping it real ::

I started being authentic. In real life.

What does that mean exactly? Authentic is your voice, your essence, who you are in your head, honesty within yourself, what you stand for, and perhaps most importantly... what you say. It's not sameness of your every day, or even what you think people want to hear. You know authenticity when you see it. It's the reason a person can be believed by their words alone. And if someone is being authentic, they give us permission to do the same. It's only natural to want that.

So back to my question. Is authenticity something you have to learn or do we just have it? I've come to believe that authenticity is something that you must ease into. It's something that you have to stand at the edge of and slowly ease closer and closer until you are comfortable with the view. It's about knowing who you are and being totally okay with that, shortcomings and all. If you can do that, speak from that place, write from that place, and stop trying to be like anyone else, you will find what we are all looking for.

I'll keep easing into it if you will.

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