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:: Lots to do ::

You know this is only a partial list... right?

There are tons of things I want to do this fall. Tons. This, is my favorite time of  the year. How can it not be? 
Everything turns beautiful, the weather is perfect, and there is a never-ending supply of picture worthy photos 
to be had at every turn. But, I need to develop a sensible plan to make sure that I can enjoy fall to it fullest... 
so here we go "the plan" so to speak.

Get Focused:

My eyes are bigger than my stomach and so is my ambition much bigger than my calendar. 
In order to keep myself from biting off more than I can chew, I am focusing on these key ingredients this month:

  • Healthy Eating: embrace fruits, veggies and tea—no chips and only one cup of coffee.
  • Better Living: develop my exercise routine—decide how often and when. Stick to it.
  • Blog: give myself time to write my posts. And post more pictures. Positive Thinking: no matter what, being positive is always better than a lot of negativity.


I am determined more than ever to bring more sparkle into my life. 
Here are a few ways I plan on enjoying life and being festive this fall:

Artist dates, movies, baked goods, savory soups, autumn scented candles, 
journal writing, a trip to the apple orchard, painted toenails, 
finding my way out of a corn maze, bonfires, etc,

As I write this, I am getting excited about this very enjoyable and productive month! 
Do you have ideas on how you can be more focused this fall season?

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