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:: More of Life's little lessons ::

Well, I hate to say this, but once again I need reminding of a few things, so bare with me while I remind myself of where I want to be right now.

1. Time to give the old ego a rest. Sure, we should all take pride in ourselves; and self love is very important, but lately it seems more like a way of separating myself from others again. Lot's of drama always going on, but it's important to remember to work through it, not give off an air of superiority and delicately skirt around things. I think if I let my ego just take a back seat then things will go much smoother, be much more productive, and allow for me to be more creative.

2. Totally dump all that drama. Nothing is that bad. Give people a break, accept an apology from someone when they give one, actually try to listen when someone else is talking, don't partake in office gossip, and try to use logic instead of emotion when you feel riled up.

3. Be good to yourself. Your not giving yourself the gift of sleep. You have stopped doing everything but work. This is going to end now. You will create a workable schedule again. In it, you will include exercise, reading time, and eating times. Then, you can schedule everything else accordingly. I will stop comparing myself to anyone else. We are not all alike. Some people take longer. Have patience.

4. Live in this moment. Most of us live in the past or the future, which are two places that don't exist. Fact: This moment is all that ever actually exists. When you think about all of the mental pain that goes along with staying mired in what happened or what will happen, it seems positively absurd to be anywhere else (even though it takes a hell of lot of practice to try and stay here). Be still for a second. Breathe. Give your mind a break from the rush of constant thought and rumination.

5. Want what you have. You have enough. True enough words, from now on, instead of things, concentrate on experiences. From here on out, that is all I really want.

Okay, well I feel much better now. Sometimes, you just have to write things down to remind yourself of where you are and what you want. Life is passing by quickly day by day. I'm going to try to enjoy a little part in each one of those days, and try to remember: there is only now.

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