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It's hard not to think about change when this time of year rolls around isn't it? Like the seasons, our thoughts, opinions, beliefs and feelings can change without us even noticing it….until of course we reach that point where we begin to reflect about how life has evolved in the past months.  That's the crazy thing about change: you never see it happen until you're already there.

We've all had those moments before, when for even the tiniest fraction of a second we are inhabited by the most calming sense of clarity, where we feel like we're on top of the world and that everything in it is, "exactly as it should be."  

Those are my favorite moments and while I wish I could experience them more, wouldn't it then cease being something uniquely special? Mistakes are ultimately meant to make me wiser, so having the noise and confusion is in some ways necessary I think, and something I've been coming to accept, largely because it adds balance to the well-lived life.  I know I'm throwing a lot around today, but I just can't resist! After all, "there are years that ask questions and years that answer".  Accept the questions, as much as you accept the answers in life. Man, I wish things were always this clear to me.

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