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1.) Your beliefs shape your reality. Fully understanding this would eliminate the majority of your problems. If you believe that you can't succeed, you probably will not succeed. If you believe that the world is a cold, dark, mean place then most likely your experiences in the world will be negative. If you are having problems accomplishing something, search your beliefs. Chances are you hold something deep down that is in conflict with what you are trying to accomplish. Change it and change your results.

 2.) Turn off the television and get away from people for a while. Go outside, enjoy the birds, look at the flowers. Play with a dog or a cat. Walk, and feel the breeze. Being away from other people and distractions will help you become grounded in reality, and what is important.

 3.) Put out what you want to get back. If you seek abundance and happiness, put it out into the world first. Help others, be generous (you can be generous even in you don't have money - use your time), and show happiness to others. Once you put it out there, the world will give it back.

 4.) Avoid the negative influences. Television, radio, the internet - they can be used for evil just as easily as they can be used for good. Avoid negative, destructive programs and sites. They affect you more than you realize.  

5.) Eat healthy. Working out is important, but nothing has the impact of a healthy diet. And you can't go wrong focusing on fruits and vegetables, and building you meals around them. Eating healthy will give you the energy you need to take on the day.

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