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:: Welcome September ::

Ok...I know what your thinking...don't rush the season!! But I love autumn and I simply love changing the whole decor of my home with each changing season. So, as of today, out goes the summer themed items and in comes the autumn themed decor. Just like that! I love everything about autumn and I'm sure I'll be posting lots more as the season draws nearer!! 

These are a couple of pictures taken yesterday. Notice the subtle change into fall. 

It has already begun here in my neck of the woods. How about where you are? 

Can you just believe that all of these songs are about Fall? Incredible isn't it? It's actually a great opportunity to listen to some music that you might not otherwise ever listen to. want to know another great way to listen to some new music? Trade ipods with someone! You will not believe some of the wonderful and new music you can find this way as well. Especially from some certain people. You would never guess!

There is so much produce right now. Everything is getting harvested still. I have been canning and freezing so much myself! In my refrigerator, you will find a few different flavor infused pitchers of water at any given time. This is the healthiest drink you can keep for your family, so, have plenty on hand so that they have easy access to the good stuff! 

Amen. This is my motto this month. I am going to be quite busy for the next couple of months at work. 
It's worse now, than any other time of the year, so I'm trying to prepare myself for very little extra time. 
It's hard to do considering this is also my most favorite time of the year.

yea, I'm thinking...where there's a will, there's a way...

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