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:: Best Popcorn in the World ::

And, I'm not kidding in the least little bit. Not that I am the worlds best judge of popcorn, but based on the bag given to me by a co-worker who just came back from vacation... I agree with the rest of the world. It is indeed the best popcorn that I have ever had without a doubt in my mind. You can only purchase this special delicacy in Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas in this country. And I do mean downtown Chicago... but they do have one in, of all places O'Hare airport. And that is where so many people are lucky enough to run across this delicacy.

Once you've had it... nothing else even compares. I am in love with the same mix that everyone else is... the Caramel Corn-Cheese mixed together. 1/2 pure and delicious sweetness, the other cheesy and salty. It is the perfect balance of sweet and salty-perfect. Ah... but they are so far away. What is a girl to do? Make it yourself. There must be a way to make that goodness. And, in fact, I have found 2 different recipes for this popcorn, and I am determined to try both. If it turns out really good, I thought it would be a great treat to bring to work for the Holidays coming up. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm hoping this works. I'll let you know how the recipes turn out. Until then, I will leave you with the recipes and if you decide to try and make it... well, you must tell me how it turned out for you!

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