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:: The Bonfire ::

You knew there had to be one. And yes, it was fabulous. Meeting new people, who like me came from far and wide to hike, and enjoy a weekend away from the everdayness of everyday. As we sat around introducing ourselves, the drinks flowed freely, and the snacks were heavenly. Earlier in the day, after hiking some more, we went horseback riding, followed up with a swim in the enormous Olympic sized pool, and of course sat a spell in the hot tub. Then I took some  time to meditate and read in silence for a while, then got ready for dinner. It was of course fantastic as usual, and the nightly fun then began. The music, the bonfire, the storytelling... all things that I look forward to so much when I come here. Do you have a special place like this too? I think everyone needs one. Don't you?

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