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:: Deep thoughts ::

I actually experienced some moments of silence this weekend, a rare occurrence these days, but when they do happen, I stop, suddenly aware of everything. I begin to feel the natural rhythm of life, the rustling of the wind through the trees, the songs of the birds, the crackling of fallen leaves beneath my feet... all natures noises. I think that Autumn makes me more aware of the need to peel off the old layers that simply slow me down. Looking inward, reflecting on my life also brings a sense of renewal, and a yearning for change.

Yes, change. The very word itself excites and scares me.  I never shun away from it, but instead, welcome the ever-changing flow of life with open arms, wide-eyes, and eagerness. If I'm scared of anything, it's regrets. I have enough of them, and I don't need more. Taking a leap of blind faith and not knowing where I shall fall scares me far less than the potential of more regret. Playing it safe, no thank you. Life, as we all know, is entirely too short. 

So perhaps those moments of silence are doing me a lot of good after all. Looking inward, being honest with myself, taking a deep breath, and emerging a whole new person is working really good for me. And, for that I'm sincerely grateful. Grateful for this life. For another tomorrow. And for everything life brings to me. 

Do you like my paint job on those leaves? I tried.

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