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:: It's pointing towards a good day ::

The table is scattered with letters-to-write, books-to-peruse, and to-do lists. 
A mason jar sits on the table, sun pouring through the dirt and dust, 

revealing children's blocks from a different Era, my journal is begging for some attention, 
and I have some pictures that I need to find time to edit.

I think some homemade bread is on the list for the morning, and soup definitely is.

I presently have some freshly picked potatoes, beets and carrots on the cutting board, ready for the pot. 

Added to that will be some chicken, leftovers from a roasted chicken I made a couple of nights ago. 
(I think the soup will be devine.) 

Later I will probably bring my pencils down to the dining table so I can soak in the sunshine 
that always comes pouring in through the windows this time of day.

What's keeping you busy today?

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