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:: A lazy start ::

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There is nothing like a rainy cold day with drips falling off the eaves to know that the best place to be at this time is inside, tidying up
and working on projects and maybe reading a little, or perhaps watching a movie {I plan to}

The cat wants to be petted because now he feels like he wants some attention. I can assure you that most of the time he doesn't. I have some delicious chocolate chip scones warming in the oven for breakfast, and thoughts of some delicious Chai tea. A pumpkin centerpiece sits on the downstairs table next to the computer, and next to that, a glass full of sharp colored pencils, scattered pages of a journal and odd bits of mail, my ipod, headphones, and various odd and end pieces of colored, beautiful paper. It's a normal morning, and rather quiet because no one else is up yet. That is always the way it is. I do love the sound of rain.

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