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:: Life's little luxuries ::

It sounds simple doesn't it? List some things that make you feel luxurious. Not as easy as one might think. But then, I just closed my eyes and thought about all the things that make me feel special, that bring about that feeling of luxury, and put my pen to paper. Here's what I came up with...

1. Picking or buying Fresh Flowers. There’s no better way to brighten up your home than by adding a few colorful blooms. Even a cheap $5 bunch goes a long way. 

2. This shower head. 

It will increase your water pressure, it builds up pressure in the head and forces it out of 88 jets! And, it's made from the same material that FOOTBALL Helmets and safety glass are made from. Find it HERE  For less than the price of lunch, this baby will turn shoddy water pressure into a spa-like experience. 

3. Subscribing to a monthly gift-box. For $10–20 you can get exciting gifts delivered to you or someone you love. It’s like having a birthday every month. There are subscriptions for any interest, from beauty to snacks to socks and all sorts in-between.

4. Getting lost in a great new novel (and ignoring my phone). I’ve always thought that no movie or TV show–no matter how great–can compare to a beautifully written story. There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon enthralled in a fabulous book.

5. Coconut Oil - Especially from Trader Joes...what can't you do with this stuff? It's a luxury in and of itself no?

6. Natural, delicious smelling homemade soap - nothing makes your skin softer, or makes you smell better than a good luxurious soap. 

7. Sleep-ins and naps: Oh the feeling of decadence when I slide under my blankets for an hour of sleep in the middle of the afternoon! And the best is that naps and sleep-ins are totally free.

8. Sunbathing: It feels good because it has no real purpose, it’s only pure pleasure and a bit of vitamin D. Sitting half an hour on a sunny terrace in a cafĂ© is a piece of holiday in the middle of a busy workweek.

9. Time for breakfast: I love breakfast food: fresh bread with butter and jam, cheese, croissants, pancakes, French toast, Bircher Muesli, omelettes, boiled eggs… So when I don’t have to start working too early, I lay a nice table, toast fresh bread and take my time. On weekends, we make pancakes and eat them on our patio outside. It feels even more luxurious and special because it can only happen on weekends.

10. A movie matinee on a weekday: -  I love the big screen, great time for lunch and a movie with a girlfriend! 

11. Plan an afternoon teaEnjoy the nicest tea or coffee with some decadent snacks and relax. There is nothing like taking time out of your day for a delicious cup of tea

12. Celebrating even the smallest happy moments. After all, what good are little pleasantries if we don’t take the time to celebrate them?

13. Savoring the momentCompare the coffee you buy in a rush to the office with the one you linger over in a cafe. Truly savoring something is part of the enjoyment process. Don’t rush over something you enjoy – give yourself the time to appreciate it.

14. Make a few aromatherapy towelsAromatherapy towels are simple to make, keep well in the fridge and make you feel so pampered.

15. Have something engraved - Engravings are inexpensive if you get them done at the time of purchase and make you feel special.

16. Make a rice heating pillow - Simply fill a thin cotton tube with rice and sew up the ends. Microwave and place over your neck on winter nights.

17. Ice Ice is the perfect inexpensive indulgence, whether it’s in iced tea or punchbowls.

18. Manicure set in a leather case - These go on sale after Christmas and contain all the essentials perfectly organized.

19. Set a daily indulgence time - Allow yourself some time each day just to relax and do something you love.

20. Use an automatic coffee maker - Have your coffee ready for you in the morning with your automatic coffee maker.

21. Your own vanity table - A vanity table can make you feel like a real lady, with her own place to get ready each day.

22. Keep lotions in lovely bottles - Transfer your bulk moisturizer into lovely bottles you can find at thrift stores.

23. Grow a scented flower by the front door - A scented flower plant by the door can set the mood for the whole house.

24. Slippers - own a comfortable pair of slippers – you can even make your own!

25. Buy expensive sheets - Sheets with a high thread count are one thing you will never regret. We spend a third of our day asleep, and the best bedding can make a difference. You don’t have to get brand items – just make sure that the thread count is high enough.

26. Make your bed every day and launder bedding oftenIt’s always nice to have a well-made bed, so make your bed every morning and you’ll notice what a difference it makes to your day.

27. Get a good mattressA good night’s sleep makes a world of difference to your day, so try to buy the best mattress you can afford. 

28. Eat a bit of chocolate each day - Dark chocolate is a rich, glamorous dessert which doesn't have too many calories, contains anti-oxidants which fight cancer and just makes you feel great – having a little bit each day feels so indulgent.

29. Buy expensive dish washing soapIt might seem like a strange thing to do, but expensive dish washing soap is a treat for doing the dishes. Your whole house will fill with the most enjoyable aroma, and cleaning the dishes will change from a chore to feeling like a pampering session.

30. Use your good china and crystalYou bought your pretty things because you liked them – don’t just let them gather dust! Instead, use them regularly, or at least as a weekend treat, and enjoy your things.

31. Sort your clothesGo through your clothes and keep only those that you love and make you look great. Even if you have fewer items at the end of it, you will know that you’re always wearing something you love and that makes you look great.

32. Beautiful Note cards - Choose something that you love – every time you write someone it will feel lovely.

33. Play music when you eatHigh end restaurants play soothing music because it gives the impression of refinement. Try doing the same thing when you eat at home and choose music that you love.

34. De-clutterRid your home of unused items and things you don’t love. Afterwards, you will know that only the things you absolutely love are in your home.

35. Set your weekend breakfast table the night beforeLay out the plates, glasses and napkins – you’ll come down in the morning and appreciate everything all ready for you.

36. Keep potpourriEnjoy fresh smelling drawers by keeping potpourri in them.

37. Use a good toothbrush - A good toothbrush only costs a little extra, and does a better job of dental hygiene.

38. Take a walk in nature - This one is totally free and you can spend just a few minutes or a long time depending on your schedule. Nothing gives me a greater sense of strength and power than being in nature.

39. Drape your backyard in twinkling lights - Lights go on sale after Christmas, and decorating your backyard will give it a resort look.

40. Enjoy scented candles - Scented candles can change the way your entire home feels.

41. Use an aromatic moisturizer You only need a little bit to feel completely pampered.

42. Spa at homeYou can create your own, economic spa at home with candles, foot soaks and moisturizers.

43. Use a shawl - A shawl is elegant and classy – and doesn't cost a fortune.

44. Buy a great decaffeinated coffeeStore your decaf in the fridge, and enjoy a late night coffee without worrying about upsetting your sleep patterns.

45. Fire in the fireplaceA crackling warm fire can brighten up any winter day.

46. Use your libraryYou can enjoy your favorite books for free or download books into your kindle, some even have free passes to museums etc

47. Have a special cup for hot chocolateBuy a cup you love and reserve it for special warm, soothing drinks.

48. Plan a hot drink timePlan a time to snuggle in with a hot drink, fluffy blankets and a good book.

49. Have a bubble bathRelax and forget your stresses with a warm bubble bath.

50. Take a yoga class. Most yoga studios offer inexpensive drop-in options. Once you get on the mat and become present in the moment, the worries of the day tend to disappear.

51. Coffee and dessert at a special coffee shop- throw in a good book and your all set!

52. Enjoy sweet and savory popcorn - There are so many recipes for this delicious stuff! 

53. Savor a delicious bottle of wine - There are many wines under $20 that are simply delicious! Son't believe me? Try Barefoots' Moscato regular or delicious red. $10. Toes in the sand and wine in my hand.... 

54. Writing in your everything journal - this journal should have it all. Art, thoughts, poems, etc it should go here. Add to it a little bit every day.

55. Handwritten Thank-you notes

56. Delicious fruits - indulge a little everyday!

57. A drawing kit - With freshly sharpened pencils and a sketchpad for your creative side to break free anytime your heart desires! I keep mine in my purse to pull out in an instant!

58. Tour a winery - you would be surprised how cheaply this is done, plus, sample some delicious wine and pick up a bottle on your way out... all under $20! 

59. A pair of shades - That totally flatter you! You can find a great pair under $20!

60. Join a gym - yes! a membership at some gyms are as low as $10 monthly 

61. The perfect mix - Mix Neutrogena Baby Sunblock {yes, that's right} I use this every day. When I am outside working or at the beach, I slather it on. It can look white if you don’t rub it in well, but what I found that it does even better than protect your skin from the sun – it makes your skin look amazing when you mix it with a dab of foundation and a dab of face cream. 

62. Get yourself a good pillow - There is a perfect one for everyone, and everyone is different. Keep looking until you find what is best for you!

63. Walk through outdoor gardens - In the spring and summer outdoor botanical gardens are dreamy, sweet smelling and a wonderful way to unwind.

64. An evening of nothing but chick-flicks - brings back your sensitive self

65. Have your brows waxed - simple, and yet what a difference it makes!

Well, I hit 65. I'm surprised by that. There are certainly lots of ways to help yourself feel a little bit special. And that is definitely as it should be!

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