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It's not too late! Here are some Autumn Activities to enjoy!


  1. Go on a nature walk {hike}
  2. Plant bulbs for the spring.  
  3. Donate food items to a food bank in your area food banks are often strapped for supplies.
  4. Make a pumpkin pie.  Have extra filling?  Add it to a smoothie with some yogurt.
  5. Make candy apples. Maybe even the gourmet version like a turtle candy apple!
  6. Make your own apple cider by adding cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and honey {if possible, get fresh pressed juice}!
  7. Churn your own butter. Taste's better, and you can add your own flavorings as well if you'd like.
  8. Go on a bike ride.  What a beautiful time of year to enjoy a ride!
  9. Make popcorn balls.  Ooey-gooey carmel popcorn balls shout fall is coming to me.  
  10. Take a collection of leaves and make leaf skeletons – soak the leaves in washing soda until the chloroform disintegrates and you are left with the leaf structure.
  11. Go on a hayride – I love to visit the local orchard, pick apples and go on a hayride.
  12. Bake pumpkin seeds.  I love carving out our pumpkins and then baking this nutritious treat!
  13. Feed the birds with toilet paper tubes or pine cones, peanut butter and seed.
  14. Do a Halloween craft - maybe a scary silhouette for your window!  
  15. Enjoy trick or treating -answer the door in a costume yourself! 
  16. Make your own candles this is a great stormy afternoon craft activity.
  17. Bake something out of pumpkin. Like pumpkin pancakes! Delicious!

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