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To me, fall is all about nurturing.  I enjoy creating that FEELING of fall in my home. That feeling that my home is a safe place to rest your head, a place to be nurtured and nourished, and a warm place to sit by the fire when the storms of life blow, and if I can accomplish that, well then I am quite the happy camper.

After all... Fall isn't something you can DO. Fall is something you must EXPERIENCE. It’s the feeling that all is well, and as it should be, slowing down a bit... just like the season that is slowly unfolding in front of us, just one yellow falling leaf at a time. So, that’s where we shall begin. Let's take a little step forward towards nurturing those feelings at home. Maybe it will simply mean slowing down to create comfortable feelings as you work, play or rest. It could mean it's time to reflect and do some de-cluttering and letting go of things we no longer want or need in our daily lives.  

Take an hour to simply just be present at home. Don't make any plans, no lists, no pressure. No expectations of any kind. Just putz around the house, organizing a little as you go along, finding a few hidden treasures you forgot were tucked away here and there, watering the plants, just enjoy that warm and peaceful feeling of nesting, because after all folks, that what fall is all about.

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